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Chase away the Monsters with the Colorful Fiber Optic Butterfly Night Lights

Updated on November 1, 2015

A Soft Glow of Warmth


The beautiful and colorful fiber optic butterfly night light for Fans of Butterflies and Beautiful things.

The beautiful fiber optic butterfly night light is great for having next to your child's bed. It helps you feel sleepy and relaxed and gives the security of a light in the room.

It's gentle colors reach out into the room adding security and a gentle warmth.

Butterfly Optic Fiber Color Changing Night Light Show - Pink

The fiber optic butterfly night light is a Must for Butterfly Lovers Everywhere

fiber optic butterfly night light will be appreciated by those who love butterflies. When lit the body glows and the lights shimmer. Check out the video below to see what it looks like.

Relax in the Glow of a Fiber Optic night Light

fiber optic night light is great for relaxing, however if watching TV or reading I would defiantly put it in the off position. Fiber optics brings the room t life with warmth and variety.

It is great for near children's beds so that they can feel secure and it keeps the monsters firmly under the bed.

Pink Night Light

Light Attaches to Socket

One of the things I find difficult with this is the plug in. It goes straight to the socket. If you don't have a convenient socket this could be a Problem.

Fiber optic butterfly night light

See the fiber optic butterfly night light in action.

See the Light in Action

From Day time Cattipiller to Night time fiber optic butterfly

The fiber optic butterfly light is dull and lifeless during the day but at night once lit it comes to life with the many gentle colors spreading though the wings of the butterfly casting a gentle colorful glow into the home. It is both fascinating and relaxing at once.

Butterfly Night Light Lead Warning

The butterfly night light base does contain lead for those for whom this is a concern I would recommend purchasing a different butterfly light that does not contain lead. If you are buying for a mom to be or a child then perhaps consider if they would worry about this.

As things have to be made with stringent safety these days personally I wouldn't worry about it as touching the base isn't something I would be doing often and would be more likely to get more lead on me from drawing than a lamp. But if this is a real concern or your child would put it in their mouths (in which case I would worry more about the glass breaking) then I would perhaps get one of the other butterfly lamps on the market.

Purple Night Light


Does Your Child Prefer Light?

Do you find your child sleeps better with the soft glow of a light?

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Butterfly Optic Fiber Color Changing Night Light Show - Blue

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