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Finding Apartments In Houston For People With Bad Credit

Updated on February 14, 2011

Your credit history is shot, and you are having a hard time finding housing, and maybe even a decent job because of it. Many become self employed when their credit score goes south on them, due to the fact the most "good jobs" require that a person pass all three major credit bureau checks. Even if you have the monthly income to put a deposit down on a place to rent, your credit score may keep you out of some of the nicer apartments in Houston. There are ways around this dilemma, and the easiest way is through the use of Houston apartment locators, as they have special business relationships that have been created over the years with managers of apts in Houston. These relationships can be useful when trying get minor problems overcome, as the manager has the final approval

Apartments With Bad Credit

Searching for apartments with bad credit without the counsel of an experienced Houston apartment finder will take weeks, if not months to finally find a complex to approve you. Usually, you can over come most bad credit situations with lots of extra money, such as paying a triple deposit, and a couple months of rent up front. This is not realistic for many working people that mostly live from paycheck to paycheck these days. So having that Houston apartment locator service on your side can prevent this from happening in many cases

Bad Credit Apartments With Felonies On Your Record

There are citizen of Houston that actually search online for bad credit apartments, but they really do not exist, and properties that will take a client without running a background on credit, and felonies would most likely be one that is high disrepair, and lacking any safety in the complex. Truthfully, you want your agent to find you a rental in an apartment community, that is the toughest to be approved for, and will make you jump through hoops to be approved. Rentals that get easy application approval when having red flags on your history, will be a property that is not run in a reputable way, and will be problematic for it’s residents.

Apts In Houston

Apartments in Houston
Apartments in Houston | Source

Houston Apartment Locators - Broken Leases

If you have a chronic history of breaking apartment leases, and just never have even tried to pay your bills on time, then do not waste the locator's time either. By not telling them that you have these issues, and then try to help you, will just render zero results for you, and the agent who works strictly off commission. So, tell them everything in the beginning to see if you even have a chance of being helped. Many apartment finder services will run a credit check on you first, and if they see too much trouble on the horizon, there is not a chance they will offer you up to any of the properties that they service.


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    • profile image

      Helpful Hanna 6 years ago

      If the economy keeps going the way it is, a lot of people will have bad credit. Very useful. Thank you!