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First Time Gardening

Updated on September 30, 2011

The most exciting thing you ever do...

The most exciting thing you'll ever do in your gardening life is to create your first new garden.

When you first look out of the window and see a pile of builders rubbish how are you ever going to turn that into a thing of beauty?

You may be put off by the thought of all the work a good garden entails. A well thoughout and properly planted garden will take half the work demanded by a weed infested mess.

Weeding a well planted garden is something you'll actually look forward to doing once or twice a year. Plants in well planted borders just won't put up with an invasion of weeds.

But worst of all you may feel that you just don't like gardening. Most of us have memories of all that boring weeding we had to do for dad when we were kids.

The marvellous thing about gardening anyone who is prepared to learn just a few basic rules can do it successfully, regardless of the conditions and satisfaction to be got over the years from growing plants well.

The basic rule for first time gardening is don't try to fight nature work with it instead. You can't make a shady garden sunny, but you can choose to grow shade loving plants that are as beautiful as the sun lovers. Of course you can improve poor soil, you can't alter its character.

If you're new to gardening my blog shows you how to choose the right plants for the particular conditions in your garden however big, small.


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  • profile image

    Giselle Maine 6 years ago

    I think this hub will inspire lots of people. Plenty of good ideas here about making the most of gardening.