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Best Garden Tools Equipment For The Garden Lover

Updated on February 21, 2013

Where the Heck Did I Put Those Gardening Tools, Again?

If you are like me, someone who loves to potter around in the garden but not in a very organized manner, you will love this handy garden caddy. Leaving your gardening tools lying around? Forgetting where you left them?

I even managed to break my good pruning shears by forgetting them on the lawn and going over them with the lawnmower! So far found one half - no idea where the other half is!!!

The Garden Bucket Caddy gets you organized and is a perfect storage solution for all your garden hand tools. I like the combination of a caddy with a good sized bucket as I am forever picking up piles of weeds that I left behind. Now I can just use the bucket.

This caddy is easy to move around, very handy and a must have item for any gardener.

Best Garden Tool Organizer

Fiskars Garden Bucket Caddy

As a Gardener, you will agree that we spend a lot of time running back and forth either fetching tools or looking for tools.

What I like about this CADDY is that it combines a perfect storage solution with easy access to all your essential gardening hand tools.

This is a sturdy little canvas tool caddy that fits over a 5 gallon bucket .

The caddy keeps your tools neatly separated and untangled in individual pockets with additional pockets for your water bottle, cellphone and more.

Does It Come with the Bucket?

No, you have to provide your own bucket.

it is designed to fit over a 5 gallon bucket, preferably one that does not have a lot of ribs around the lip.

The Caddy straps on with velcro, and the ribs would make it hard to get a good fit.

Fiskars 9424 Garden Bucket Caddy

Enjoy Gardening
Enjoy Gardening

How Do I Use The Garden Bucket Caddy?

A Must-Have Item For Anyone Who Likes To Garden

There are lots of pockets for your every day gardening tools and the varying sizes of these pockets gives you plenty of flexibility.

So if you have an arsenal of gardening tools, you should not run out of pockets!

Having all of your necessary gardening equipment in the caddy, the bucket can be used:

1. Harvesting fruit or vegetables,

2. Carrying larger items such as a spray bottle,

3. Carrying compost, mulch or soil,

4. Carrying cuttings or seedlings,

5. Carrying weeds.

No more running back and forth and no more lost tools!

gardening gifts for mom
gardening gifts for mom

Great Gardening Gift For Moms

Or Dads

This is a great gardening gift for any gardener.

But it can be used for other purposes as well.

Here are some suggestions:

1. How about using the garden bucket caddy as a Car Wash Bucket Caddy?

2. Scrap-booking: keep the tools in the caddy, and the bucket can be used as a portable trash can.

3. Gift Wrapping accessories: keep scissors, tape, pens, hole punch for cards, cards, ribbon, etc. in the pockets. Paper and gift bags fit in the bucket.

4. It could even be used for sewing accessories.

Or you could give the garden bucket caddy as gifts to your gardening friends. You could even fill it with some new tools, a water bottle or gift cards.

Looking For A Fiskars Garden Tool Or Two? - Or Garden Seat?

Here are some additional tools to make your gardening easier and enjoyable.

No kneeling, squatting or stooping!
No kneeling, squatting or stooping!

Gardening Made Easy With Rolling Garden Seats

Garden Stool On Wheels

Do you love gardening but hate kneeling and bending?

What you need is a rolling garden stool that is a rolling storage container as well.

It will provide a sturdy and comfortable seat at the right height for you to enjoy spending time in your garden without the aches and pains.

You can have easy access to all your gardening tools in the storage area. Plus you can pack a beverage or two there as well!

Choose from:

1. The Garden Hopper Rolling Storage Container - carry handle is in the seat.

2. Step 2 Garden Hopper Mobile Garden Stool and Storage- carry handle is in the seat.

3. Ames Lawn Buddy- the seat can be lifted up to pull the cart.

4. Rolling Garden Seat with Turnbar- has an adjustable swivel seat. Needs to be assembled.

5. Deluxe Tractor Scoot with Bucket Basket- adjustable swivel seat with long handle for pulling the scoot but also acts as sturdy handle when locked. Needs to be assembled.

Please Share Your Gardening Tips And Comments

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    • Classic LM profile image

      Classic LM 4 years ago

      This is a useful lens, and nicely done!

    • Squidpress profile image

      Squidpress 5 years ago

      If I may be so forward. One little tip make your main tag - Gardening Tools - instead of what it is now. Best of Luck.