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The Fiskars Garden Tool Set, Tough Garden Tools

Updated on November 13, 2015

Is the Fiskars Garden Tool Set as Good as They Claim?

The Fiskars garden tool set is both sturdy and comfortable to use and without doubt Fiskars have a name for quality but just what qualities do this tools have that make them so sought after by the gardener? And are they justified?

Gardeners tools are important to them, lets face it us gardeners can't do a lot without them so having the right tools for the job is vital if we want to put those fruit and veggies on the table! Or make our flowers bloom.

Even though a lot of the time I have to use the larger tools, sometimes you need to dig up the weeds or plant bulbs etc, and that is when the smaller tools come into play. I use all my tools on my allotment so it is not a fine well cultivated flower garden like my mum's.

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Tough aluminium quality tools that will last at a great price. Well made and comfortable, even if like me you hands hurt from time to time. The set comprises of 3 pieces, a trowel a weeder and a transplanter (with numbers on)

Fiskars Garden Tool Set

The Garden Tool Set Qualities

What I like about the Fiskars garden tool set and Fiskars tools in general is that they put that little bit of extra thought into the making of their tools. These tools are tough and do not break under normal usage and also they to not rust out because they are made of aluminium which is music to any gardeners ears!

I always think that is a company is willing to give a good guarantee - and then back it, it shows just how confident they are in their products. Fiskars does give good guarantees in this case a lifetime warranty.

Are These Gardening Tools Comfortable?

Fiskars gardening tools are a quality name but just how do the match up for comfort of use?

Comfort is always important to a gardener who may be using these tools for quite a while at any one time. These tools have a great grip which help with general comfort.

The handles seem deceptively large yet they can be used equally well by men and women alike. One of the issues for people with smaller hands and particularly women is the size of many tools, they are too large and therefore uncomfortable to use. This is not the case here, they are fine for those like me who have small hands.

They are also great for those who love gardening but have arthritis in their hands. They still allow use and are still comfortable and reduce or eliminate the pain you would feel with other tools.

The Softtouch handles also make them more comfortable.

More on These Hand Tools

Are Fiskars Tools Value for Money?

I think so. If you do what I did and buy cheap hand tools you just know they are not going to last. It is understandable why, when on a tight budget that you might cave and do that but in the long term it is best to replace those tools with quality ones that will last.

It is not just about how long the tools will last though it is about how nice they are to use. Design is everything as if you are using any garden tool for any length of time it can really hurt your hand and cause permanent damage.

Overall Rating of the Tools Quality

5 stars for Fiskars Tools

Small Garden


These Handy Little Tools are Rust Free - Yay!

I know I mentioned it but this is hugely important both to me and many other gardeners. We are (I confess) not always super tidy with our tools, some people leave their tools hanging around in the wet and rain and some like me might scrape off the soil but that is about it. Some still clings. I just love rust free tools!

Other Important Points

The trowel's markers are really useful when planting. It is surprising how often you need to measure. Having guidelines on the trowel (transplanter) itself saves a lot of time and effort.

They fit in the Garden Bucket caddy which is handy for keeping tidy. I am really bad at doing something with tools, putting them down and then forgetting where they are! I have lot count of how many times I have done this. They usually reappear at a later date.

To this end bright handles would be of use.

The Cady

Very useful, if like me you are prone to forgetting where you dropped your tools. Also, it holds cell phones while you garden which is handy as mine is usually in my pocket and gets knocked about and beeps. You can fit a 5 gallon bucket in the centre of it, which is handy for when you are weeding or pruning

But for me, I tend to get a lot of rubbish and weeds when clearing out so need a bigger bucket well actually a wheelbarrow!

The material is sturdy so this is great as you don't want the bottoms to wear thin and loose your tools or the stitching to break.

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    • vegetablegardenh profile image

      vegetablegardenh 5 years ago

      Those are good tools, definitely good quality. And working in the garden with cheap tools is definitely no fun!

    • profile image

      Dianeyp LM 5 years ago

      I love the Fiskars line of garden tools!