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Fiskars Garden Tools

Updated on February 2, 2016
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To garden is to lose one's self in the earth while gifting yourself and your family with wholesome goodness from your own backyard.

Fiskars - Brand Name Garden Tools

Fiskars has developed a reputation for quality in their home products and have extended that expertise to the realm of garden tools. A commercial airing on our local public television station proclaims, "Fiskars, ergonomic designs to empower gardeners" says it all.

Here is a look at some of the more popular Fiskars garden tools. These include a range of pruning tools, including simple bypass and anvil pruners and tree pruners, along with the renowned Fiskars axes and hatchets. Then after you have all those branches and twigs, how about putting them through a shredder and create your own mulch!

Fiskars Anvil and Bypass Pruners

Pruners are a staple of gardeners everywhere. They are used for tasks as delicate as cutting small flowers, to lopping huge limbs off of trees. There are basically two types of Fiskars Pruners, a bypass pruner and an anvil pruner.

Bypass pruners are they type that have one blade pass by the other in a fashion similar to the way scissors cut. The advantage to these is that they give a very clean cut when they do the pruning. The disadvantage is that they don't develop as much leverage as the anvil pruners, and there is also a tendency when cutting large branches or stems for the blades to separate. For these reasons they are best used for smaller cutting jobs. I like to use them to cut okra since okra has a thick stem attachment to it's mother plant.

The anvil pruners are the style where the cutting blade presses down on a cutting surface, often one where the mating surface is a V shape. These are good for cutting larger branches and stems. The handle can be longer, and the blade can have a little more girth for cutting larger items.

For very large pruning jobs, the Fiskars Pruning Stiks have been added to the line. These have extensible handles and a power head that is fantastic for pruning branches on trees, and are lightweight enough that even people with smaller builds have no problem using them. I can attest to this fact because I only weigh about 100 lbs. and have mastered cutting with this tool.

Fiskars Axes and Hatchets

The Fiskars Axes are one of the premier wood splitting tools on the market today. These axes and hatchets are renowned for having a very sharp blade. The blade also has a coating to keep it sharp and free of rust. The handle is made of a Nyglass composite, and the handle is molded around the head to make it almost impossible for the head to fly off. The handle is flared at the end to keep it from flying out of your hand.

The head is lighter than a normal wood maul, and the back face can be used as a sledge if you want. Because of the shorter handle and the light weight head, these axes can be used by almost any adult, although it does take some getting used to if you are accustomed to using a traditional maul because of the shorter handle. The high end models also come with a nice carrying case that covers the head.

Go Ahead and Use Those Twigs

Now that you have a pile of twigs or branches from your pruning action, go the extra mile by using a chipper shredder. If the shredded branches are thin and spindly, you can add them directly to your compost pile. You can also use them as mulch around your landscaping.

We usually save our wood branches in a pile and get the chipper shredder machine out once in the spring and once in the fall. Of course, we compost or reuse the product as mulch in our yard. Putting back into the yard what came from the yard is 100% recycling and good for Mother Earth!

Tell Us About Any Other Fiskars Products You Own

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