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Fiskars Power-Lever Tree Pruner

Updated on December 15, 2022
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Being in charge of our property's landscaping is a lot of work. This tool gets used to trim low branches thus saving money for big jobs.

Tree Trimming Hand Tool

Fiskars power-lever tree pruner has been a go-to tool in my arsenal and here's why. I am short in stature and in order to reach branches that need to be pruned, I must have a tool that can help me get the job done with my two feet still on the ground!

We have a three-quarter acre lot in suburbia with 16 trees growing on our property. There are eight very large trees that require professional trimming to keep them maintained which is a bi-annual expense for me. The remaining trees can generally be managed by me using this handy trimming tool.

It also gets used on the large trees sucker branches and other lower branches that extends the time in between expensive maintenance.

Main Actions of the Tree Pruner

The Fiskars tree pruner allows two main actions, it has a 15-inch saw blade for branch removal or it has a pulley rope which controls a cutting shear for small to medium branches. The pole extends to 14-feet in length with a snapping lock and is easy to control even at maximum extension. If a small person like me can handle this tool, anyone can!

It is important to keep your branches away from your house and to maintain a canopy of the lower branches of your trees. This allows some sunlight to hit the grass under the tree canopy and to maintain that canopy in an effective way. After using this tool for a trim, more grass started growing under the tree canopy.

The fiberglass pole is lightweight and the tool itself is very reasonably priced at under $80. We have had our Fiskars pruner for ten years and it is still on the first blade which is replaceable.

Photo Gallery

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Me and the tool in action.  Trimmed three small dead branches in minutes.  The pole is extended about 10 feet in this photo.The safety lock.The pruner open.The pruner closed, note the rope extension.
Me and the tool in action.  Trimmed three small dead branches in minutes.  The pole is extended about 10 feet in this photo.
Me and the tool in action. Trimmed three small dead branches in minutes. The pole is extended about 10 feet in this photo.
The safety lock.
The safety lock.
The pruner open.
The pruner open.
The pruner closed, note the rope extension.
The pruner closed, note the rope extension.

Reasons to Trim Low Tree Branches

  • Untrimmed trees with branches hanging to the ground prohibit water from a sprinkler to properly flow to water your yard. All tree branches should be out of the way of your sprinkling system or hand sprinkler.
  • Untrimmed low branches prohibit growth of your tree upward. You do not want branches reaching outward, down, or sideways. Always snap off little starts of branches too, this will save you time later.

Safety Tips

Always use protective eye wear when trimming branches and keep young children away from the work area.

Reasons to Trim Your Tree Branches Away From Your Roof

  • Tree branches that touch or lay on your roof can damage eaves and shingles. Damaged shingles lead to water leaks and insect invasion.
  • Dense tree branches close to your house walls can be a problem with ventilation causing rising temperatures in your house during warm months, and falling temperatures in your house during cold months.
  • Tree branches that remain close to your house allow animals to jump over to your roof and possibly establish "homes" inside your attic. This happened to me and it would have been less expensive to get the tree trimmed than call an expert and have the animals removed.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 Joanie Ruppel


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