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five best gadgets for the kitchen

Updated on June 1, 2011

The traditional kitchen has been turned on its head in the modern world, by the masses of gadgets for the kitchen designed to assist your culinary exploits. The kitchen gadget market can be overwhelming and the right products can be difficult to choose. Gadgets for the kitchen can be a useless waste of space, or a stylish addition to your cooking that becomes indispensable.

This guide offers an excellent kitchen gadget shopping resource, whether you are looking for a gift for him, her, friends or family, or just a cool addition to your kitchen, these top 5 gadgets for the kitchen offer style and substance! Whatever your style, one of these gadgets for the kitchen could be for you. Check them out!

5 best gadgets for the kitchen
5 best gadgets for the kitchen

for the wine drinker

Wine Aerator

The vinturi wine aerator is an essential yet stylish and sinuous kitchen gadget for any wine connoisseur. The wine aerator is simple; pour your red wine through the aerator to enhance the flavours and bouquet of the wine, therefore; making it taste better!

The aerator is acrylic, so dishwasher safe and easy to keep clean. It comes with an non drip stand and a handy travel pouch - a stylish gadget for the kitchen that enhances your senses. Its a winner!

5 best gadgets for the kitchen
5 best gadgets for the kitchen

for the baker

600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer

If you are looking to make a style statement with gadgets for the kitchen, whilst making difficult tasks easy, this stand mixer may be the answer. With fabulous retro styling this mixer is an eye catching addition to any worktop and to your collection of gadgets for the kitchen. As well as its fabulous technical abilities, it comes in an array of fabulous colours, all in gloss finish.

The mixers all metal construction, 6-quart capacity and 575 watt motor makes it tough enough to handle most mixing jobs. The 10 speed control and electronic speed sensor ensures correct and maintained speed. The mixer includes a 6-quart-capacity stainless-steel mixing bowl with a contoured handle, as well as a professional wire whip, a burnished flat beater, a spiral dough hook, and a pouring shield.

A fabulous high quality and useful gadget for the kitchen that will take some beating!

5 best gadgets for the kitchen
5 best gadgets for the kitchen

for the cook

Multifunctional digital kitchen scale

An essential kitchen appliance and gadget for the kitchen, kitchen scales come no better than this. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as highly accurate, the EatSmart Precision Pro are made to the highest standards. Its high resolution screen makes the reading easy to see from all angles, rubber feet stop sliding and the 3 minute auto turn off saves power.

The scales have no fancy features, but they look good and do the job with accuracy. Fantastic for keeping a careful eye on a healthy diet or calorie counting. A must have gadget for the kitchen.

5 best gadgets for the kitchen
5 best gadgets for the kitchen

for the coffee connoisseur

12 Cup Coffee Maker

If you like to awake to the smell of fresh brewing coffee, then this coffee maker may be your kitchen gadget! The Cuisnart 12 cup coffee maker has a range of features that makes coffee making practical, easy and delicious! With a programmable digital clock you can set coffee to brew at any time. Removing the glass carafe automatically stops the brewing process- allowing a quick pour. An on, off switch, auto turn off, cup setting, water filter and more; Cuisnart seem to have made the perfect coffee machine that is the perfect gadget for kitchens everywhere.

top 5 gadgets for the kitchen
top 5 gadgets for the kitchen

for the cleaner!

Stainless-steel hands free infra red trash can

With 495 5 star reviews on Amazon, this trash can is certainly not rubbish. Perfect for those who insist on the highest standards of hygiene, the touch free infra red can, with 13 gallons of space provides the perfect germ free solution for your kitchen trash. An ultra smart example of excellent gadgets for the kitchen.

Place your hand or debris about six inches away from the infrared sensor near the lid. It will open instantly when you approach and will close automatically in three seconds after debris has been released and your hand moves away. The lid will remain open if debris or your hand is within the 6-inch range of the infrared sensor, allowing you to peel directly into the bin without the lid constantly closing.

The non touch system is the next generation of waste disposal, providing a germ free alternative to standard cans. This kitchen gadget can last for 100,000 openings and adds a high tech touch to an essential task. A practical gadget for the kitchen cleaner to enjoy!

 If you have enjoyed the 5 best gadgets for the kitchen.....

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    • dosburros profile image

      dosburros 7 years ago

      Thanks Rydal. I really do think that the aerator is one of the best gadgets for the kitchen you can get - reasonable price too, and great present!

    • Rydal profile image

      Rydal 7 years ago

      Great guide, i have a vinturi wine aerator and it really does work! I have given friends a blind tasting with red wine that has and has not been through the aerator, and even just smelling the wine you can tell the difference....and my friends are not the usual type to know much about wine!!