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Flameless Disney Princess Candles for the Princess Bedroom

Updated on October 22, 2013

My daughter loves princesses. Although she's outgrown many princess outfits and toys, her flameless Disney Princess candles are a lot of fun. In addition to having a soft nightlight for drifting off to sleep, she enjoys being able to blow out the candles as if they were real. The idea of having a real candle in a room, of course, isn't an option. However, these lights flicker as if they were candles. A puff of air is all it takes to turn each one off. Clever!

Deciding on Disney Princess room decor is easy, and there's no lack of options on the market. However, my daughter shares her room with her 15 year old sister, so decking everything out in Disney Princesses isn't going to fly. Fortunately, 15 year old dd loved the candles at first sight. When your 15 year old thinks a decor product is cool, you're doing very well. The pair of candles sits on the girls' dresser, perfect for a little illumination at the end of the long day. Some of the benefits of the set include:

  • There aren't any cords to worry about, another plus with this lighting fixture choice!
  • Each flameless princess candle uses three AAA batteries.
  • An on-off button on the bottom allows for an additional means of shutting off the lights
  • These candles are sold individually, meaning that you can get one or a dozen depending on your needs

I have a niece who is in the same age range as my 8 year old daughter, and these nightlight candles are perfect as a consideration for Christmas or a birthday. My nieces love Disney, and the 8 year old has a lot of princess toys and decor as well. This is on my list for the holiday season as I look for fun niece gifts!

Disney  Princess Storage Cubes, Set of 2, 10-Inch
Disney Princess Storage Cubes, Set of 2, 10-Inch

Storage cubes are tremendously helpful for ensuring that my daughter can keep her things from spreading into her sister's space.

Disney Princess "Walkway to the Castle" Pop Up Hamper
Disney Princess "Walkway to the Castle" Pop Up Hamper

A princess hamper has done wonders in ensuring that my daughter gets her dirty clothes to the laundry area.

Disney Toy Story Flameless Candle Night Light
Disney Toy Story Flameless Candle Night Light

If you've got a young boy who needs a fun night light, try the Toy Story version!


One of the things I love about my daughter's princess decor is that there is purpose behind the pieces. Just as the candles provide light in the evening, the hampers encourage responsibility. You may not want to see your little princess grow up, but using fun princess products along the way can ensure that she develops great habits in the process. Home decor can be disastrous without good management, and these products encourage responsible actions!

Does your youngster love Disney Princesses?

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Thanks for reading! Let me know about your favorite decorative item for your daughter's room!

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