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Flip Out Chair Bed

Updated on September 14, 2014

Make Sleepovers Fun With A Flip Out Chair Bed For Kids

Kids love inviting their friends over to play and to spend the night. Most likely that you too remember your very first sleepover, whether it was at your´s or a friends house. A flip out chair bed in your child´s room is a great space saving idea, and of course a very stylish addition to their room that they will be proud to show off to their friends and playmates. A Sleeper chair bed can be used not just as a bed, but as chair too, making it just perfect for any child who wants to feel grown up in their own room.

A Fold Out Bed Is Convenient

A fold out chair bed is a great way to let your child feel independent, with their very own sleeper chair in their room that comfortably and easily converts into a spare bed. After a hard day´s play, you will not be needing the hassle of finding the spare bed, or making up sheets and covers on a complicated bed-settee. What you need is something that instantly turns into a bed, and what´s more encourages your child and his or her friend to actually go to sleep!

Flip Beds With Your Kids Favorite Cartoon Characters

A flip out chair bed is so easy to use, it simply flips out and unfolds to make a comfortable and practical single bed for your child or his companion. A kids flip out chair bed is so comfortable, then you can forget trying to get your kids to sleep after an eventful day; you might however have to reason with them as to who gets to sleep on the extra special bed. Kids cartoon themed flip out chair beds are available for the youngest in your home, other designs being available for kids and even adults.

Simple And Practical

With no metal springs or frames to contend with, a convertible chair bed is the perfect addition to your child´s bedroom. Even when left unattended, the flip out bed will simply fold out into a bed, allowing you to stop worrying about your child or her friends getting caught up in the mechanism or springs. In fact, these practical yet comfortable beds are so easy to fold out and put away, that you will wonder why on earth you didn't invest in one years ago.

Ideal Solution For Small Spaces

A flip out chair bed will only take up the same size as a small armchair when not in use, making it a great idea for small rooms, or rooms where you are looking for occasional extra seating for kids. The stylish flip out beds don´t just look great, they make a comfortable armchair too. When you purchase a fold out chair bed for your home, you can be guaranteed that it will be money well spent and that your kids chair bed will be much more than an occasional chair or spare bed.

Kids Have Fun Lounging and Napping On These Chair Beds

So, forget trying to separate your children when they have a sleepover, forcing one of them to sleep in the spare bedroom or on a sofa bed. Simply invest in a convertible chair bed and let your kids continue their party after lights out. Fold out chair beds are light, easy to convert from bed to chair, and will be a hit not just with your kids, but with the whole family.

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    • profile image

      SamanthaHaupt 3 years ago

      These work great! I used to have one but it didn't have any armrests. It was actually very comfortable :)

    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 3 years ago from Ljubljana

      Sure do! And they look great too:)