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Floating Candles Centerpieces

Updated on September 28, 2014

Floating Candle Centerpieces, Floating Candle Bowls and Floating Pool Candles

Floating candle centerpieces make a beautiful addition to any occasion such as the centerpiece for a wedding table or any dinner party table.

They can also be used to decorate your garden and can be scattered in a pool to create a wonderful visual effect of floating shimmering lights on a warm balmy evening.

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Spruce up your Space with Floating Candles

Decorate with Floating Candles Centerpieces

If you are looking for a great item to decorate a coffee table, or to put in the living room, dining room, or a bedroom in the home, then floating candles centerpieces are a great choice for decorating the home. You can either purchase these centerpieces, or you can create your own, to fit a particular theme, or a type of party or event you are hosting, when you are trying to find the perfect decorations for that event.

Traditional floating candles centerpieces generally include:

- A bowl or glass as the container.

- Marbles or other stones in water that is placed in the container; and,

- The floating candle that is placed over this, to give the illusion that the candles are literally floating in place.

Although this is the traditional setup, you can create your own fun floating candles centerpieces to really decorate a space.

How to Make a Floating Candle Centerpiece With a Flower Inside

Floating Candles Centerpieces

More Ways to Decorate

When creating your own centerpiece, you can include flowers, multi colored marbles or stones, and use shimmering glass and sparkling water, to create an entirely different appearance. With translucent rocks or marbles, you can give the centerpiece more depth, and create a more intimate setting with the floating candle.

You can use floating candles centerpieces in a variety of settings. From a table centerpiece at wedding receptions, to a party you are hosting at home for the kids, or for everyday decor on your coffee table at home. Not only does this unique setup give an illusion that the candles are actually floating, it can really add depth, and create a completely different atmosphere in any room.

Whether you buy or create your own centerpiece with a bowl or vase, there are a variety of uses for the floating candles centerpieces, and you can create your own unique design, style, and decor with the right candles and accessories.

Spruce up your Pool with Floating Candles

Fine Styles with Floating Pool Candles

Whether you choose to make your own larger sized floating pool candles, or whether you purchase these candles from a local retailer, there are several uses for these candles in a pool to give the pool a fine, unique look and style.

Whether you want to create an elegant allure and grand design in your pool, or whether you simply need more lighting in an outdoor setting, the use of floating pool candles is a great option to create a festive, romantic or relaxing mood.

When purchasing these pool accessories, a home owner has to consider their outdoor decor and style. From the size of the candle, to the flotation device used to keep the candles afloat, you want to find those products that look good and are going to provide noticeable design detail to the outdoor space.

You have to consider the different shapes there are to choose from when purchasing your new floating pool candles as well. If you want something fun, you can find different designs like a butterfly or flower shaped floating candle; if you are looking for something plain and simple, you can choose a one tone color, or you can go with multi colored candles, to provide a fun setting to your outdoor space and pool.

It does not matter why you choose to use the candles, there are quite a few styles you can find and different design features to look for when you are ready to buy. You can make your own, or you can purchase floating pool candles from a local or online manufacturer if you want fun designs and great style.

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