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Floor Standing Cigar Ashtrays

Updated on March 5, 2013

Floor standing ashtrays were hugely popular in the 1960's and 1970's, and nobody has been able to give me a good reason why they are not popular now. They are however making a comeback, as smokers realize that they aren't just something which looks fantastic but something which is also hugely practical. If you smoke from the comfort of a chair in a smoking room or living room, then why continue to precariously perch an ashtray on the arm of your chair when you can simply stand an ashtray next to that chair? See, they just make sense. They also happen to look fantastic too and don't cost a great deal of money, in fact you can get a decent floor standing ashtray for as little as twenty dollars, and for fifty or sixty dollars you can get one of the best floor standing ashtrays on the market. Various styles are available, some go for that classic retro sixties look and others have taken on a more contemporary twist.

Low Cost Floor Standing Ashtrays

You don't need to spend a lot of money to buy a great contemporary or retro floor-standing ashtray, some of the most affordable of those ashtrays are linked below for your perusal. Most of these ashtrays are telescopic so can be adjusted to the exact size required to match the height of the chair that you sit in when smoking.

Stinky Floor Standing Ashtrays

One major inconvenience for cigar smokers has always been the need to constantly empty ashtrays. Cigars are big and one Cuban cigar can entirely fill an entire ashtray, while the stub needs to be thrown away afterwards. Before you can smoke your next cigar you need to physically go and empty your ashtray. A popular brand name Stinky have got around that issue with a unique 'deep bowl' design which contains ash and buts without them obstructing the stirrups and so allowing you to smoke your next cigar. Stinky ashtrays are extremely popular and well worth the extra cash.

Self Cleaning Floor Ashtrays

Perhaps even smarter than Stinky ashtrays are so called 'self cleaning' ashtrays which feature a button. When you press that button all butts and ash falls down into the storage container inside the stand. It is a cleaner and less smelly way of smoking, as the ash is contained, it prevents the ash dispersing into the atmosphere or being disturbed by gusts of wind from windows. A couple of different stylish designs are available at great prices, both linked below.

Outdoor Ashtrays For Commercial Buildings

If you are looking for floor standing ashtrays which are suitable for outdoor smoking areas, for example outside areas of bars and restaurants or the yard area of an office building, then you need an ashtray which is suitable for exposure to the elements. The heavy duty floor standing ashtrays featured below feature a very heavy base to ensure that they don't fall over in the wind or when people accidentally walk into them, are weather proof, and the post and cap are removable (easy to empty of cigarettes and ash). Great value for products of this quality.


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