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Floor Standing Reading Lamps

Updated on November 21, 2012

Floor Standing Reading Lamps

Reading by proper lighting is best for your eyes. One way to enjoy the right lighting, is to get a floor standing reading lamp. Just because it's a reading light, doesn't mean it has to be boring. No matter what style of reading lamp you're looking for, you can find it.

Images courtesy of Amazon

Pictured here: Normande JS3-729 27W PL Floor Lamp, each, Antique Brass Finish

Brass Floor Standing Reading Lamps

Brass floor standing reading lamps are nice looking pieces for a living room, study or bedroom. If you're looking for an elegant lamp for your home, one of these should work nicely.

Natural Spectrum Deluxe Floor LampBUY AT AMAZON

Swing Arm Sight Saver Floor Standing LampBUY AT AMAZON

Brass Finish Pharmacy Floor LampBUY AT AMAZON

Portable Task/Reading Floor Lamp, Antique BrassBUY AT AMAZON

Floor Standing LED Reading Lamps

A floor standing LED reading lamp can be the perfect light for reading under. These lamps offer proper lighting for you to read by.

Fulcrum Magnifier 12 LED Floor LampCHECK PRICE

Mighty Bright LED Floor Light and MagnifierCHECK PRICE

I-Tower High Power LED Floor LampCHECK PRICE

Radar LED Spiral Chrome Floor LampCHECK PRICE

Omega LED Satin Steel Floor LampCHECK PRICE

LED Black Nickel Floor LampCHECK PRICE

Night Owl 3

The night owl 3 is a great reading light for anyone who likes to read in bed. You can read without disturbing your spouse and without ruining your eyesight. It's a pretty cool product.

If you're looking for an alternative to a floor standing reading lamp for the bedroom, this is a good solution.

Floor Standing Halogen Reading Lamps

Another type of reading lamp is a floor standing halogen lamp. Take a look at these lamps to a get a feel for what's available.

Tall Halogen TorchiereCHECK PRICE

Basic II Torchiere Floor LampCHECK PRICE

Pharma Halogen Floor Lamp, Antique BrassCHECK PRICE

Best Floor Standing Reading Lights

These are a few of the best floor standing reading lights available online.

Floor Uplight/Reading LampCHECK PRICE

Ikea Lersta Reading/floor LampCHECK PRICE

Portable Task/Reading Floor LampCHECK PRICE

Wing Shade VisionSaver 18-Watt Floor LampCHECK PRICE

Portable Swing Arm Floor LampCHECK PRICE

Task Plus High-Definition 24-Watt Floor LampCHECK PRICE

Floor Reading Lamps - Adjustable

If you need a floor model adjustable reading lamp, there are some good lamps to choose from. I've included some of the better rated floor lamps below.

Sunlight Adjustable Floor LampBUY AT AMAZON

Adjustable-Height Pharmacy Floor LampBUY AT AMAZON

Floor Light With Adjustable Reading LampBUY AT AMAZON

Daylight Naturalight Hobby Floor LampBUY AT AMAZON

Coaster Contemporary Metal Floor LampBUY AT AMAZON

Adjustable-Height Floor Lamp with Fabric ShadeBUY AT AMAZON

Kindle Touch Lighted Case

If you've been struggling with options for reading your Kindle Touch in a dimly lit place, this lighted case may be the perfect solution for you. Because the Kindle Touch does not have a built-in back light, Amazon came up with this case that seems to resolve that issue.

You can watch a full review of this case in the video below.

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