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how you can clean wood wooden floors - unfinished exterior grade tongue and groove plywood flooring - what is the price

Updated on July 17, 2011

plywood and plywood grades

Thin sheets of wood plied together with thermosetting glue is called plywood.This type thin veneer constructions comes in 3, 5,7 like odd numbers, in order to avoid warping and twisting and improve shear strength. The plywood types varies depends on glue used during hot pressing. Some of the thermosetting glues has the properties of moisture absorption. The plywood produced using this type of glue is called interior grade. Where as the other type of thermosetting glue has resistance to water. The plywood produced using this type of glue is called exterior grade plywood.

Both types of plywood can be used for constructional purposes. But only differ because of the glue used whether it is interior or exterior. You can use exterior grade for interior purposes. But you can't use interior grade for exterior purposes. Even the price variation depends on exterior to interior will not allow you to use exterior grade for interior purposes. So before you go for buying a plywood it is advisable to know about the usage and grade of plywood. This will help us to save some money also.

plywood floor
plywood floor

flooring plywood

Most of us know that wood and engineered wood products being used for floor making. As a wood and molded wood Tongue and grooves has their own advantage and disadvantages. This type of Tongue groove type wood flooring also has to cross so many processes before it reaches to floor form. Staring from forest or plantations it reaches the sawmill. There it is been cut to the required size for T&G for floor making. Then this sawn timber passes to the kiln dryer for moisture removal and to reach the desired moisture content for processing. Then this wood passes to the molder machines where it reach the final form of tongue and groove profiles.Depends on the floor size the wooden tongue and groove moldings joined with supports and made as a floor.

Why to choose plywood floor?

Plywood floor is unique . Because it has more stabiltiy as compared to wood. Secondly deformations such as twisting and warping is comparably low to wooden floor. As such we use both wood and plywood floor with treatments for fungal and termite attack, plywood has its glue line poisoning for insects. 

Plywood floors are made out of thin wood plies as explained earlier . Made out of exterior grade glue to withstand all types of abuses like liquids and water spillage. This type of plywood flooring comes in thicknesses of 12,19,25mm. Depends on our usages and area we can use the thicknesses. This type of flooring plywoods made out of C and D grade veneers both sides.This is because of usages.Choosing the right type will give us long life for flooring.  


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    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 7 years ago

      Thank u Peggy W for commenting on this hub.Plywood flooring is like wood flooring only. Upon that we can use carpet other types decorative plastic papers also.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      It is mostly used for subflooring over here with other materials laid over it like carpeting, etc. Much of it is sold to cover windows, etc. if a hurricane threatens this area. The process you described from tree to final product is amazing.