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Flower Planter Ideas

Updated on August 19, 2013

What do you have laying around your house that you can make a flower container out of?

Over the last several years I have been getting more and more into gardening. But what makes gardening extra fun is that my brother and I try to find everyday things that are just lying around the house, side of the road, or even the neighbors', to make one of a kind flower boxes.

Yes, we are helping to recycle and create less waste in landfills, but it is fun way to create beautiful flower arrangements in everyday containers. Depending how elaborate you want the project to be or how simple you want it to be is what decides your energy and time spent on each project. For me it can be as simple as a can of paint and some screws.

A wren house planter box idea

How often have you walked by or driven by a house that has a wren house on the fence. Most of the time as they age they end up falling apart. While going on a short jog the other night, I had the opportunity to pick up an old wren house that was discarded on the curb.

At first, I was not sure what I was going to use if for. After looking at it, you could see very quickly that is was in really bad condition. The front of the of the house that had the hole bored in it was broken in two. Almost as if something hit this piece square on. So basically, I had four sides and a bottom to work with.


I just decided last night ( at 10:13 pm ) to make a flower box out of it. Hence, why the flower box pic to the to the right is taken at night :)

All this project took was 6 screws to make sure the box could support the load of the potting mix, plant I choose, and some cedar mulch to keep the soil moist on hotter days. I used some left over paint from a previous project. Where I restored an old antique white and black porcelain top desk possible a project I will write about in a different lens.

Make sure that when you are making or creating a hanging style flower container that you select the right plant first. You want a plant that can handle the condition where you place it. I choose a perennial type of Salvia due to the height, sun-shade, and flower color.

Salvia, Marcus is a short real deep dark purple-blue color. This plant is an outstanding compact plant that will bloom from June to October with very little up keep. All you have to do is cut back after first bloom for fresh appearance. Excellent in the front of the garden or in a container.

Note: I did use a 1/4 inch drill bit to make 7-10 holes in the bottom of the flower planter so that water didn't back up. Make sure to use a small enough drill bit that won't cause soil loss. Also make sure to put a small layer of rock at the bottom to allow for better drainage as well.

Gardening Tools - Always Worth It To Get Goods First - Never Get The Cheap Tools, They Wear Out and Make The Job Take Longer

Coffee Can Anyone?

How many times have you seen coffee cans used for stuff. They might be right behind duck tape for the number of different uses for them. Well... Maybe I shouldn't take it that far, but they are always in abundance since my mom is a preschool teacher.

So I have to thank my brother and mom for this idea. We got all 15 cans from parents at the school where my mom teaches. So this project is way lower then if someone would have to purchase the cans themselves. But hey, you would get to drink the coffee ;)

A good idea with any gardening project is to first selected what types of plants we wanted for color, height, could handle partial shade, and the level of maintenance involved.

- We started by painting the cans as shown in the picture.

- We drilled holes in the bottom of each of the cans (4-5 will suffice).

- We then hung the cans onto the brick wall.

- Put a small layer of rock in each of the cans to allow for better drainage.

- Add soil and plants and your done.

Make sure if you are going to hang them to use screws and/or anchors that can handle the cans planted. When it is all said and done, I think it ends up being a simple series of outside hanging flower planters that will add color and beauty to any plain brick wall.

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