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Flush your worries away with the Fluidmaster 400C Tank Repair Kit!

Updated on September 5, 2014

Plumbing is one of my least favorite home repairs. So I was not happy when the toilet in the basement would no longer flush. Turns out something has went wrong with the filler valve and the tank is not filling up with water to the proper level.

Fear not, the Fluidmaster 400C Toilet Tank Repair Kit fixes all. This kit comes with a filler valve that has an integrated float. Both the filler valve shaft and float level can be adjusted to take the place of the original filler valve. Simply remove the tank cover, turn off the water and place a tray below where the feed line connects to the tank to catch the water draining from the tank, then unscrew the water line. Next unscrew the the nut that holds the filler valve to the base of the tank, disconnect the filler tube, then pull the filler valve straight up an out of the tank. The remaining water from the tank will drain out into the tray that you put below the tank.

Now compare the broken filler valve with the universal one provided in the Fluidmaster kit. Make adjustments so that the universal filler valve is the same height as the defective one. Finally, place the rubber gasket provided on the base of the universal filler valve and mount it in the tank with the threaded base protruding from the bottom of the tank. Tighten the nut provided so as to secure the filler valve to the bottom of the tank then attached the filler tube. Reconnect the water line and check the water level when the float shuts off the filler valve. Change the float adjustment so that the water level meets the fill line labeled on the inside of the tank. Put the tank lid on and you are all done!

The kit also comes with a Bull's Eye Style Flapper, I would only replace this part if the current one is defective.

The Fluidmaster 400C Toilet Tank Repair Kit is great for every home owner, no matter their DIY skill level. I keep a spare kit under my workbench so I am ready for the next toilet mishap!

Fluidmaster 400AKRP10 Complete Toilet Tank Repair Kit
Fluidmaster 400AKRP10 Complete Toilet Tank Repair Kit

Fluidmaster 400AK, everything you need to rebuild your toilet!

Fluidmaster 501P21 Universal Flapper
Fluidmaster 501P21 Universal Flapper

Fluidmaster universal flapper, sounds like a cool chick from the 1930s :-)


Great Video on installing the Fluidmaster 400C universal filler valve!


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      Susan Deppner 3 years ago from Arkansas USA

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