What is the best way to maintain an in-ground pool with the cover on?

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    BostonSamposted 5 years ago

    What is the best way to maintain an in-ground  pool with the cover on?

    We have decided to keep our pool closed this summer with the cover on. We have a loose green vinyl cover. The pool is gunite 30,000 gal irregular shape. Is there anything we should do to try to maintain the pool water under the cover without the filter going? Are we in for huge maintenance issues next year?

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    robhamptonposted 5 years ago

    Unfortunately, you will need to run the pump occasionally. Daily. But you won't need to run it as often as if it were being used. Swimming in it uses up the chemicals as opposed to no use. I suggest that you set your timer for at least one hour per day (I suggest 2 hours) otherwise the pool WILL turn green if it is stagnant and no circulation even if chlorine is in it. The cost of running the pump an hour or so a day verses letting it sit for an entire summer, the cost of restoring it back to swim-able condition could be very costly depending on how bad it gets. May need to be drained, acid washed and refilled. 

    So my over-all advice would be... Run the pump at least an hour a day...Check the chemicals two to three times a week. Will not require much chlorine if you are circulating it daily. Hope this helps.  Rob