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Rolling Four Bag Laundry Sorters

Updated on April 29, 2013

Best Family Size Laundry Sorter

Four bag laundry sorters are great for families. I have lots of kids running around all the time and the last thing I have time for is to take a lot of time to sort a lot of clothes. A basket with four places to put items makes the work of sorting a lot easy task because it can be done as we go instead when trying to get things done.

With three kids I can not do everything myself and stay sane, so I enlist the kids to help. Having separate clear places to put everything helps them understand where to put their dirty clothes and give them more exposure to how the process works. The easy mobility also allows the kids to be the ones in charge of bringing it down the hallway and back again.

I prefer the laundry bag sorters with rollers and removable bags over the models that are more sedentary. The wheels makes it simple to take across the house without a lot of work. So instead of taking the laundry in piles to the laundry room, we can roll the cart to where it needs to go and then back to where I need it. The bags make it easier to dump the clothes in the wash and when the bags get dirty I can put them in the washer too.

Large Wheeled Laundry Sorter

Rolling 4-Bag Laundry Sorter

This is the sorter I ended up getting, except that I got the one with brown canvas bags because it matched my laundry room best and the color allowed me to need to wash the bags as often. It came in a big flat box so assembly was required. The down side was that the box we got did not come with directions it must have gotten lost somewhere, but thankfully after looking it over we was able to assemble it without any issues.

I have tried other sorters before but have either ended up trashing them, using them for something else or giving them away. Mainly due to durability and ease of use. On many of my other laundry sorters they was too small but they also ripped after a few uses or just plain broke.

This sorter has worked great for us for the past two years, even with the kids rough use of it. In fact because of our family size I am thinking about getting another one with two bags just like it to put in another part of the house.

Household Essentials 3477 Rolling 4-Bag Laundry Sorter
Household Essentials 3477 Rolling 4-Bag Laundry Sorter

Each bag is made from heavy duty cotton canvas and have handles designed to hang the bags from the sorter's sturdy steel frame. The sorter has smooth rolling casters and an antique bronze finish. The setup measurements are 36.6-inch high by 33-inch wide by 16-1/2-inch deep.

Women Sorts Laundry For Large Family
Women Sorts Laundry For Large Family

Sorting Laundry For A Large Family

Whites: I usually put all my whites in one bag so I can wash my whites in warmer water and avoid a red sock turning all the clothes pink. ( Not so sure my boys would enjoy pink socks and under shirts.)

Brights: I put my bright color such as red purples, pinks and oranges in another section. However, when I take out the colors I look for new red clothes that has not been worn a lot. Red tends to run, if I have enough red I tend to do a separate load for them as well.

Towels: I do my towels separately because they tend to produce lots of lent. And lent all over the clothes is just not attractive to me. I usually throw in sheets and small blankets in with this section too.

Specialty Items: I leave my last section open for clothing or items that need to be washed in a special manner. This gives them a place to go so they do not end up on the floor or end up in the wrong bag. I tend to look over this beg well to make sure what bag to put things in, where other bags I might not look so close if it is the right color. This is also the bag my kids put stuff if they do not know where to put the piece of laundry.

Best Four Bag Laundry Sorters

Four removable bags on a rolling cart.

Black Four Bag Luandry Bag Sorter

Household Essentials Quad Laundry Sorter, Bamboo Frame with Black Canvas Bags
Household Essentials Quad Laundry Sorter, Bamboo Frame with Black Canvas Bags

This bamboo quad sorter helps keep your whites, colors, darks and delicates separate in this 4-bag sorter. Each canvas bag hangs from handles on the sturdy frame. Soiled bags can be washed. Wire handles on each end of the sorter allow for easy bag removal.


Deluxe Four Bag Laundry Sorter

Honey-Can-Do Quad Laundry Sorter with Mesh Bags, Steel/Black
Honey-Can-Do Quad Laundry Sorter with Mesh Bags, Steel/Black

Four removable sorter bags are convenient for sorting and carrying laundry. Metal handles offer exceptional durability. Bags feature breathable mesh material on two sides to keep laundry from storing odors. Mesh material also serves as the bottom of the sorter to help keep heavy loads off of the ground.


Two Level

Pro-Mart DAZZ 4-Section Rolling Laundry Center, White and Blue Stripes
Pro-Mart DAZZ 4-Section Rolling Laundry Center, White and Blue Stripes

Double-Decker Laundry Sorter allows you to sort and organize your laundry without hogging precious floor space. Laundry bags are divided into compartments to help you sort and save time while doing laundry.


What Is Your Favorite Laundry Sorter? - How Does Your Laundry Sorter Make It Easier To Do Your Laundry?

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    • lucille12 profile image

      lucille12 2 years ago

      A laundry room cabinet is something you can not do without if you desire your room to be well organized and cool.

    • Showpup LM profile image

      Showpup LM 6 years ago

      I have one of these and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mine! I just pop the bag out to carry to the laundry room. Already sorted and no awkward basket. Hides neatly in my closet.