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freestanding towel rack can help save space.

Updated on May 3, 2012

The work of a free standing towel rack is to allow you hang towel in the bathroom. Gone are the days when the bathroom is less important and generally ignored. The introduction of these racks will not only make your bathroom very attractive, but it will also provide heated comfort. Modern designs of the towel racks are very common these days.

Most of these are incorporated with elements and materials such as chrome plated aluminum and stainless steel. During winter, these towels can be warmed to provide heated comfort and this is one aspect that is making them gain widespread popularity and acceptance with many consumers.

The towel racks space saving capacity is made possible because of their flat paneled design that ensures that there is enough space for warming the towel. Assembling them is not a difficult task at all, and you can plug them easily into your listed outlets.

Free standing towel rack is better than the generic versions because they have extreme functionality. However, these modern features of pretty design and warming ability have made them more expensive, but many consumers who have experienced the gains of the additional benefits are convinced that the additional price is worth it.

There are many advantages of using these racks. Apart from the fact that your towels get dried quickly when you hang them, they can also be used to dry wet cloths and bathing suites, even some of the delicate clothing. When towels and clothing are left to sit in a humid environment for a very long time, they do not dry up and this can make them smell because the humid condition allows the growth of bacteria. You don't have to pull out cloth dryers and leave them lying in the middle of the room, hanging them on the rack makes your bathroom look adoring.

There are different types of free standing towel rack, with features unique features that make them different from each other. But whatever type you choose they all provide you the same quality of saving space, beautifying, and providing warmth.

For example, theChelseaportable rack has a removal non-heated shelf. It also has a feet made of plastic, which is a feature that help prevent the damaging of the bathroom floor. They are also environmental friendly because they consume less power even much lower than your electric bulb.

The heatra classic is another type that is portable and can easily be mounted on the bathroom wall without the use of wrings. And there is the 3 bar towel rack with a combination of frame made from chrome, and bars made of acrylic. This type of towel rack has a glass bottom where you can store bathroom essentials. Another type, the towel tree track is an amazing product with features that make it flexible.

This track saves space because it is vertical and can be fixed on the wall. It is specially designed to accommodate any towel no matter the size. The design of this free standing towel rack makes it reachable from the sink, tube or shower.


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    • profile image

      shirley 2 years ago

      Who makes towel rack and where can you buy it

    • olawrites4u profile image

      olawrites4u 2 years ago from lagos

      sorry Goda, don't understand your question. Can you please elaborate.

    • profile image

      Goda 2 years ago

      where is this rack from