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French Country Decorating

Updated on January 11, 2015

French Country Design for Every Room in Your Home

French Country decorating lends itself to every room in the home. French Country style is elegant but includes down to earth accents of country and natural elements.

Some of the best ways to add touches of French Country to your home's decor include the following:

~ flowers and other nature elements

~ yellow and blue color schemes

~ country themed items like checked fabrics or burlap pillows

~ lace and fringe detail

~ antique furniture or accent pieces

~ paint and finishes for furniture and walls that are weathered or distressed

A focal piece like a vintage-inspired sofa or bed frame is a great way to begin your French Country decorating.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Photo Credit: Peggy Hazelwood

What Makes a Style French Country?

A List of Ideas

~ country blue, almost a robin egg blue, also called French blue

~ yellow shades in subtle tones

~ fringe and lace trim

~ flowers and nature elements

~ distressed finishes on walls and furniture as well as on accent pieces

French Country Design Ideas

Creating the French Look - Books on French Country Decorating

Use the how to sections in Creating the French Look to make your home a French Country haven.

Get inspired with the beautiful photographs and choose what you like to use in your home decorating scheme.

For a More Relaxed French Look

French Country Junk Chic
French Country Junk Chic

Choose salvaged items and more rustic pieces to make your home stylish yet totally casual.


Decorating in the French Country Style - Get Ideas and Use Them in Your Home Decor Plans

Get more ideas for decorating your home with French country style. The beauty of it is the ability to mix and match making it an easy style to add to as you can afford it or find just the right pieces.

Cottage Chic Furniture

What Do You Think of French Country Decor?

What Do You Think of French Country Decor?

See results

The French Country Inspired Bedroom

French Country Sanctuary - Make Your Bedroom the Retreat You Need

Simply Shabby Chic Blue Linen Duvet Set - Twin
Simply Shabby Chic Blue Linen Duvet Set - Twin

Slumber in a peaceful, calm bedroom that shows off your style! These soft blue linens make a great place to start decorating your bedroom in the French country style.


Throw Pillows for Instant French Country Flair

Rugs and Pillows: Understated Style

Get as fancy or as rustic as you like with throw pillows for the perfect accent to a living room or bedroom.

Add contrast and texture to sofas and beds with rustic and charming throw pillows. An accent rug can set the tone for your French country decor.

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    • ismeedee profile image

      ismeedee 5 years ago

      I love anything French and I really like the French style, especially the distressed louvres and shabby chic ornaments!