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French Country Kitchen Decor - Classic Simplicity

Updated on November 15, 2014

What Is French Country Kitchen Decor?

A classic country french kitchen is light and airy, filled with white and pastel colors, lots of bare wood on show and plenty of useful items around the kitchen, such as earthenware pots on shelves, iron accessories on the walls and if possible a range. Instead of built in cupboards you will find stand up dressers and kitchen tables for storage.

If you are looking to create a french country kitchen feel in your home then take a look at these ideas, with careful use of decor you can create the look and feel of the french country kitchen without breaking the bank.

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French Country Kitchen Storage Ideas - Wire baskets

When it comes to French Country Kitchen Decor the key is storage. In any French Country Kitchen you will find baskets on the floor. Pots and canisters of all shapes and size on shelves and even hanging storage on the ceiling. Wire is very popular and gives an immediate impression of French shabby chic.

Take a Look at These Great Examples of French Country Style Kitchens

French Country Kitchen Storage Ideas - Storage Canisters

Storage containers, usually earthenware pots or metal canisters, are used to contain all the key ingredients to make fantastic tasting French food. The key to creating a great looking french country kitchen is varity, so don't be afraid to have a number of mis-matched jars and pots arounds. It just adds to the uniqueness.

French Kitchen Decor and Utensils

Country kitchens come together over time. This what gives them there character and warm feel. Make sure you mixture old withdrew for a realistic feel to your kitchen. Also, remember thatiit is your kitchen, compliment your existing decor with a few new pieces instead of trying to change everything. It just won't seem genuine and useable.

French Dish Towels for a French Kitchen

Dish towels are easy to over look but can make all the difference to the look and feel of your kitchen. if you are on a very limited budget try changing your dish towels and adding some storage canisters for an instant french feel.

French Country Decorating Ideas

French Country Kitchen Curtains and Fabric

French country kitchens have plenty to show in terms of fabrics, mostly a plain single flower or fruit repeated on a white background. A very simple yet satisfying mix.

Crockery for your French Country Kitchen

For the french country kitchen style, think thick and chunky porcelain or a delicate shape with a simple pattern. Both are popular and will compliment the look of your kitchen when displayed in a cabinet or dresser.

Art and wall features to make your French Country Kitchen your own

Art is a difficult one as each of us are different, mostly an image of a vase of flowers against a pastel color in a simple frame. Art is what you make it and it will make your kitchen look as unique as you want it to be.

French Kitchen Clocks

The French Country Kitchen clock is a focal point of the room. It is another chance for you to show your own style while still keeping the french feel.

French Country Kitchen Cabinets

If you have the space and the budget then opting for a free standing cabinet or dresser is a fast shortcut to the french feel. Weathered white wash or bare wood is the best way to go. These can be used for storage and also display of crockery and storage containers.

French Country Dining Table and Chairs

As with the dressers, adding wooden table and chairs can add an instant country french feel to your kitchen. Although this does require the extra space it is well worth it if you can.

Is the French Country Kitchen look for you?

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    • oztoo lm profile image

      oztoo lm 5 years ago

      I really love the look of the French country kitchen although I wouldn't want that style for my own kitchen.