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Make Fast Healthy Fries With a French Fries Cutter

Updated on November 6, 2015



If You Love Fries But Want to Eat Healthily - Just What Do You Do?

You discover the 7 Stages to healthy fries and how to avoid them. I only discovered the fries cutter recently and wow does it make a difference. It is so much easier.

The fries cutter is the kitchen tool healthy eaters just can't do without. I know I couldn't and I've only just got mine!

7 Stages to Healthy Fries and How to Avoid Them

So you have decided that you need to eat healthily for one of several reasons. You feel washed out all the time, you need to be better at work or sport or you have put on a few pounds (or more), you are pre diabetic and need to do something fast.

Now you decide to do something about it. So changing your eating habits is the first step. May be you are great at doing this but I wasn't so this is my list of the stages of going from high fat junk to eating well.

Now if you want to know the solution and if you are smart you will go to stage 7 and avoid the rest.

Quick and Easy to Use Fries Cutter

Prepworks by Progressive Vegetable and French Fry Cutter
Prepworks by Progressive Vegetable and French Fry Cutter

Using the cutter makes it very easy to create either fries or cut other vegetables like carrots, onions and also fruit e.g. apples. very quickly and with only one push of the handle. It is really simple to use, all you do is pop in the half of a potato and push down. I admit I only ever use mine for cutting fries.

The potato then goes through the cutters and out the other side creating your fries.

Making fries this way is much healthier as you can cook them without fat. (remember to allow them to dry in a paper towel first or they don't go brown).

This one has blades that you can change one with large holes and one with smaller ones.

On the down side you can only hand wash it and not put it in the dish washer (although it does say you can put the blades in but it is not recommended that you do), but it is easy to wash so that's not much of an issue. If you are struggling with the holes you can use a small brush.

The one thing that is not mentioned and may be different on newer models is, mine has suckers to hold the machine in place so it doesn't slip during use.

The cutting ability is about 4" in total which is quite short. This means you need to cut your potatoes in half before putting them in the machine.

It is extremely good value for money compared to other buys.

Overall, I have found it to be easy to use and it cuts the time to prepare your fries to the absolute minimum and is easy to use and clean. Using it is a dream and can be used by those who find knives difficult.


Stages of Fries

  1. Stage One - The Healthy Eaters Guide to Depression

    Complain fiercely that you can no longer eat your favourite foods.

    You avoid the frozen chip (fries) isle, you remove them from your favourites in you on-line shop. You hold your nose or sniff in despair at the smells coming from those chip shops.

    You sulk into your salad. You develop a woe is me attitude when eating out or become self righteous to hide your boredom with lettuce.

  2. Stage 2 - Acceptance is the Key

    You finally accept your lot, after all your health matters. It's just a matter of willpower. NO I won't, really I DON'T WANT any fries (chips). Really NO!

  3. Stage 3 - The Cave In

    Enough gimme gimme I need fries! It happens to most of us more than most would care to admit. Eating healthily can be a bore.

  4. Stage 4 - Looking for Alternatives

    You know you must do it, yet the realities of never having your favourite foods leaves you cold in spite of a heat wave. So you look for alternatives.

  5. Stage 5 - The Alternatives

    When is comes to fries there are a few alternatives, you can eat the pre frozen ones from the store that say they are 5% fat yet still aren't very good for you. You can cook your own (feint, I've got to COOK! (heading quickly toward stage one again)) in one of these containers that use very little oil or you can find a new way to cook your favourite fries (chips).

    So you settle for this. Painstakingly cutting up your fries with a knife, painfully boiling them then spraying them then oven baking them. Then eating anaemic chips because they are just too fat!

  6. Stage 6 Reverting Back to 4

    You are back to looking for alternatives.

  7. Stage 7 - A new discovery and a Solution

    You discover that other people got fed up cutting up fries with knives too and some smarty pants went and invented the best kitchen tool for healthy fries eaters - ever! They invented the French fries cutter. Thank you so much.

French Fries Cutter


The Kitchen Deluxe French Fries Cutter

Wow the muscle tool of French fry cutting

Why I like French Fries Cutters

I never really considered getting anything other than a knife to cut my fries with. Space is at a premium where I am and putting things on walls is a no no.

One day my sister turned up and handed me a fries cutter. This worked out really great timing as I had just gone back to eating healthily so chips (fries) were off the menu. Let's face it, part of the reason you gain weight is convenience food. It is just too easy to pop to the local chippy for sausage and fries.

After a few days I decided to try it. I stuck it onto the side with suction, popped in part of a potato and pushed down. Wow what a difference. All the fries came out small and evenly cut which would mean they would cook so much easier. I boiled them popped them into the oven and they came out golden brown.

For the first time ever my healthy fires didn't look anaemic. They looked great and tasted great. Now I am a fries cutter convert.

Vegetable Cutter


4 Reasons Why Fries Cutters Are a Must

  1. They save you money on buying fries either in store or at your local cafes or fast food store.
  2. They allow you to cook your own healthy alternative.
  3. They save you time cutting up chips (fries)
  4. They are quick to clean.

Is This Easier?

Do you think the new way of cooking French fries by part boiling them then oven cooking them is better than the old fatty way of cooking?

Fry Cutting

Would You Consider Cutting Your Own Fries (chips) with a fries cutter?

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Healthy Fries Recipe List

A list of pages with alternative methods to cook healthy fries.

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    • profile image

      JoshK47 5 years ago

      Very nicely pout together lens! Thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      iorganics 5 years ago

      wow, love the fries cutter, will have to buy one soon! My whole family love fries and I cook them in the oven. They come out so nice and crunchy.