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FrogTape: The Painter’s Time Saver

Updated on November 14, 2010

It was time to remodel my daughter's bedroom. After a few days of removing all the clothing and other junk from the room it was time to dismantle this 7' x 5' x 2' IKEA wardrobe. It took a couple of days to do this. Imagine doing this with one hand? I had broken a finger on my left hand a few weeks prior and after surgery I wanted to avoid using it and let it heal properly. If I break it again or if it didn't heal right, I would continue to be just be a one armed person for maybe two months. I did have my family help me. Everything I do takes about three times longer but I just keep moving forward. The wardrobe was gone and so was a dresser. I left a table and a bunk bed behind.

I had already gone to Lowes to purchase all the things I needed for her room. Besides paint, I purchased a green painter's tape with a cute name called FrogTape. This tape looked exactly like the blue painter's tape except for the color. It was sold in the area where paint was mixed. I didn't think anything of it because it was there in front of me as I waited for my turn to be serviced. It takes forever for any home improvement store to mix paint. Instead of waiting, I just made use of my time by shopping for all the things I needed to remodel the room.

Painting is the one home improvement work that I hate the most. Preparing the room for painting is the next worst home improvement task. But heck, it is so much cheaper to do it myself. I let my wife do the taping of all the edges while I did something else. I told her not to tape the ceiling edges because I was confident that I could paint a straight line there. First I tried this paint roller tool that supposed to paint straight edges. Unfortunately, the ceiling was textured so it kept me from keeping the roller straight. So I tried using a 1/4 inch paint brush to paint a straight edge. This too was a mistake.

By not putting the FrogTape on the ceiling I thought I could save time and tape. The one I bought was almost 9 dollars. I was trying to get my money's worth but in the end I had to tape the edge between the ceiling and the wall. I ended up just wasting time by not using the tape.

After working a weekend and in the evenings I was finally finished painting. Even though I bought one of the best on the market, the Valspar, it still took me two coats of paint to do a nice job. I was painting a powder blue or sky blue color over off-white. I could still see some of the old white wall in many areas. It wasn't apparent at first as it was noticeable the next day. This was a real downer but I just kept on plugging along. It was just me and my one arm.

The room was completed and it was time to move onto the next phase, which was to paint the moldings and trim. Not knowing much about FrogTape, I treated it as if it was plain old blue painter's tape. So I took my utility knife and started to score an edge. I was very unhappy with the line that I made with the knife. It was crooked. I started peeling back the tape and to my amazement the FrogTape did not follow my scoring. It made a sharp crisp edge on its own.

Wow. That was my reaction when I saw how neat the lines were. I continued to remove more tape to make sure that it wasn't a fluke. Sure enough, it was consistent. I could not believe my eyes. It was like witnessing a miracle of technology. This FrogTape is a timesaver.

I didn't remember the FrogTape commercials one or two years back. But now the memory is coming back. I did not have any big projects at the time and besides I still have plenty of that useless blue tape.

Memories of the past paint jobs I did also come back. This is not how painter's tape is supposed to work. It required a utility knife to ensure that you don't peel paint along with a tape. It's supposed to be splotchy. It's supposed to give you more work of fixing tape peeling mistakes and touching up. Not FrogTape. I just wondered what took it so long to be invented?

Peeling FrogTape was fun. It didn't matter if I pulled fast or slow. It didn't matter from which angle to tape. FrogTape does its job. Did I mention that the edges where the paint ends are clean and sharp? How could this be? The edges look great with the eye even close up.

There are areas where FrogTape didn't do a good job but it was rare. Using blue painter's tape would result in the opposite. It would be rare that you would find a clean sharp edge.

Why does blue tape continued to exist? It is practically useless now.

I surf the net to research how FrogTape works. A patented paint block chemical is applied to the edges of FrogTape to prevent paint from bleeding on the edge. I also research user reviews. To my astonishment I actually found people that were convinced that it performed no better than the old blue tape. That's too bad. I performed the ultimate field test and FrogTape excelled at what it was advertised to do.

For all my future paint jobs, the color of the painter's tape will be green.


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