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Are FSBO MLS Listing Services Worth It?

Updated on August 22, 2014

The FSBO MLS Listing "Nitty Gritty"

The FSBO MLS listing, otherwise known as For Sale By Owner real estate listed on the MLS, is typically a prime candidate for real estate shoppers because the sale will have less fees associated with it.

Because the seller of the real estate isn't paying commission to a real estate agent but is instead listing their property FSBO (listig it themselves via an MLS listing agent), up to 6 percent of the sales price can be split between the seller and borrower that otherwise would have been paid to the middle man.

FSBO listings on the MLS are somewhat scarce but they can net you a big discount on the purchase price of a home or the costs of making a sale.

Buy FSBO Real Estate

Buy Your Next Home: For Sale By Owner

If you are wanting to get the best bargain in your next real estate purchase you will want to look for a FSBO MLS listing and then bargain with the seller for a sellers credit to closing costs. Because the seller is not using an agent there will be fewer bids on the property and less competition for the real estate purchase. The FSBO MLS Listing online can offer you the most affordable property of all. Give it a shot on your next real estate transaction.

Flat Fee MLS Listing

Sell Your Home: FSBO

You don't have to only be in the market to buy FSBO real estate to take advantage of the low fees. Sell your home with a flat fee MLS listing: FSBO and save a bunch in commissions that would otherwise go to the sellers agent. You've sold other items before why not try your hand at property?

If you are in no rush you should get to know the process of selling flat fee FSBO real estate and then give it a try. Sure, if you are in a rush then using an agent may be worth it, but selling FSBO real estate with no deadline or pressure will likely be worth your while. If in doubt at least consider your flat fee MLS listing options from a local MLS listing agent.

FSBO MLS Books - Learn More About FSBO MLS Listings

There is a lot of detailed information to be learned about the FSBO MLS real estate. Try looking into these handy books for more complete guidance on the real esatte transaction process.

FSBO Real Estate Resources

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