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Fun Gardening Supplies for Kids

Updated on June 12, 2014

Get Your Kids Into Gardening with These Fun Gardening Supplies Just for Them

Getting your kids interested in gardening can be a great way to get them outdoors and away from a TV screen or some handheld device.

A great way to get kids interested in getting them outside and in the garden is to buy them their own gardening supplies. There are all kinds of fun gardening tools and supplies for kids from gloves that features fun prints or characters or just the right size colorful tools.

Image Source: Toysmith 2296 Kid's 3-Piece Garden Tool Set via

Get Your Kids Into Gardening

I used to hate hearing my kids tell me they were bored or constantly asking if they could watch a movie or play a game on the tablet. So, I decided to get them interested in a fun hobby outdoors that the whole family could partake in.

Of course, as you may have already guessed, it was growing a garden.

Gardening can be a lot of fun for kids and the younger you get them interested in planting and growing, the better chance you have that they will continue to enjoy this hobby as they get older.

There are really so many advantages of gardening with your kids and you don't have to have tons of land or property to get them started.

In fact it may only take a few potted plants or a small section of a garden to get them enjoying the outdoors and digging in the dirt.

I know that my kids like to garden because not only do they get to get dirty but they also get to use their own gardening tools. I really believe that giving my kids their very own supplies for the garden helped encourage them to like gardening even more than I thought they would.

I've gathered up some of my kid's favorite gardening supplies and tools to help you get your kids or grand kids interested in this awesome hobby.

Image Source: Outdoor Fun Kids

Kid's Gardening Sets

Toysmith Kid's 3-Piece Garden Tool Set
Toysmith Kid's 3-Piece Garden Tool Set

This is a good basic gardening tool set for kids that you can get them to get started. It comes with real tools, as I completely recommend real tools rather than cheap plastic ones that will break right away.

Included is a shovel, rake, and trowel. Each tool measures 8.5" long which is great for smaller hands. Plus the bright colors of the tools are always a nice touch for kids.

G & F 10012 JustForKids Kids Garden Tools Set with Tote hand rake shovel trowel
G & F 10012 JustForKids Kids Garden Tools Set with Tote hand rake shovel trowel

This is an all in one set that not only includes a cute tote but also comes with handy tools for the garden.

The tote is perfect for storing your gardening tools and supplies and has outside pockets as well as a large interior pocket.

It comes with a rake, shovel, and trowel that are sizes perfectly for a kid's hand.

Toysmith Big Kids Garden Tool Set
Toysmith Big Kids Garden Tool Set

If you plan on having a larger garden or you want your child to help with the lawn and landscaping as well, then this big tool set is a great choice.

The set includes a garden rake, leaf rake, spade, and a garden hoe. The tools are made of real metal but are the perfect height for kids ages 4 and older. The bright, fun colors make these tools interesting and the fact that they are bigger makes them more appealing to most kids as well.


Fun Gardening Gloves for Kids

You have to have the right gloves if you are going to be digging in the garden. Gardening gloves are a great way to get a child outside digging in the dirt and encouraging them to get messy. There are all kinds of cute glove options for kids nowadays.

G & F 1823-3 JustForKids Soft Jersey Kids Garden Gloves, Kids Work Gloves, 3 Pairs Green/Red/Blue per Pack
G & F 1823-3 JustForKids Soft Jersey Kids Garden Gloves, Kids Work Gloves, 3 Pairs Green/Red/Blue per Pack

These gloves are made of breathable cotton so they are not only fun and cute but also comfortable for kids to wear. There are a few different colorful prints that you may get when you order these gloves. The gloves are recommended for ages 4-8 years old.

Melissa & Doug Be Good to Bugs Gardening Gloves for Kids
Melissa & Doug Be Good to Bugs Gardening Gloves for Kids

These gloves from Melissa and Doug feature the cute little spider character from the Sunny Patch. The gloves are colorful but also practical for the garden. They have a rubber latex coating on the palms so you can get a grip on items and your child's hands won't get wet. They are recommended for younger toddlers ages 2-5 years old.


More Gardening Supplies Kids Will Love

Here are a few more kids gardening supplies that you may want to check out as well for your little gardener.

HABA Sand Play Watering Can with 2 Interchangeable Spouts for Ages 18 Months and Up
HABA Sand Play Watering Can with 2 Interchangeable Spouts for Ages 18 Months and Up

This watering can may look cute, but it also works great as well. Kids will love the design and colors and parents will love watching their kids water the garden to help make the plants grow.


Tips for Getting Your Kids to Enjoy Gardening

Not all kids will just want to start gardening if you buy them some fun gardening tools (even though this will work for a lot of kids). Some kids may take some extra encouragement and some other children make take some more motivation to keep up with gardening as well.

Here are some tips for getting your kids to enjoy gardening and stick with the project.

*Choose plants that are easy to take care of so that the child can do most of the work on his own and feel the sense of accomplishment from growing the plant by himself. There are lots of flowers that are easy to grow as well as vegetables plants that don't take a lot of work to product fruit.

*Keep the gardening time short in the beginning as some kids will easily lose interest if you spend too much time in the garden. For example, you could take 15 minutes every day to pull some weeds and water the plants once they are planted and this should be sufficient for most plants to grow.

*One of the easiest ways that I got my kids interested in gardening is to get them involved in growing one of their favorite vegetables. For example, my daughter loves tomatoes, so she helps me in the garden with the tomato plants because she gets to eat her reward of doing a good job. Try to choose your kid's favorite vegetable or fruit to grow even if you keep it in a potted planter if you don't have a backyard or lots of space.

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