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Kids Novelty Wall Clocks-Fun Wall Clocks For Kids

Updated on April 16, 2013

Fun And Unique Wall Clocks For Children

Add cheer to your kids room using fun wall clocks for kids.The bright colors and attractive patterns of the Airplane Jumper Wall Clock Michelle Allen Studios from Amazon.

Novelty Wall Clocks For Kids

The novelty wall clocks with the sun moon and star patterns look different and add a modern feel to your childs room decor.

You can also choose between the bike shape and piano shape wall clocks to express your kids interest in a fun way.

Wall Clocks of Moon & Star Design Wall ClockCHECK PRICE

Wall Clocks of Moon & Sun Design Wall ClockCHECK PRICE

Wall Clocks of Bike Shape Wall ClockCHECK PRICE

Wall Clocks of Piano Shape Wall ClockCHECK PRICE

Beetle Shape Wall Clock

The red and black beetle shape clock looks cute and attractive .Kids will love having this fun wall clock on their room wall.

Lion Head Kid Clock

A wooden lion head cutout as a kids wall clock will bring smiles on your little ones face at all times.

Peekaboo Wall Clock

Cute and whimsical wall clock with fish eyes playing peeaboo along with the ticking of the clock.

Michelle Allen Wall Clocks

Wall clocks by designer Michelle Allen have fun and whimsical designs that impress all with its uniqueness.The decorative patterns and textures with bright color features will add a trendy and modern look to your kids room.

Mr. Fishy Clock Michelle Allen DesignsCHECK PRICE

Allen Designs Old Blue Owl Pendulum Wall ClockCHECK PRICE

Fireman Clock Allen Studio DesignsCHECK PRICE

Cat/House Clock Michelle Allen DesignsCHECK PRICE

M&M Pendulum Wall Clock

A colorful and fun pendulum clock with M & M characters that will enthrall the lover of them.

M&M Pendulum Wall ClockCHECK PRICE

Fun Monsters Kids Wall Clocks

The little aliens and monsters on the child wall clocks add to your kids fantasy dreams and match the dream decor of their rooms.

Crazy Monsters Fun Colorful Patterns CHECK PRICE

Little Monster Cartoon Fun ClockCHECK PRICE

Rainbow Alien Monsters Square WallclocksCHECK PRICE

Fun kids alien blue, white green wall clockCHECK PRICE

Small Kit-Cat Clock in Black

The Small Kit-Cat Clock in Black will bring a smile on your kids face when he looks up to its rolling eyes and swishing tail.

Small Kit-Cat Clock in BlackCHECK PRICE

Olive Kids Counting Numbers Red Clock

Learning to Count numbers is made easy with this fun and colorful kids wall clock.

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    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 4 years ago

      What adorable clocks - a fun way for kids to learn to tell time!

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 4 years ago from New Zealand

      Nice collection of children's fun wall clocks.