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Unique Funky and cool Purple Chairs

Updated on November 9, 2015

Special Funky Purple Chairs for Home and Office.

Purple chairs are a statement, they are royal. The color purple and deep red always have been royal colors. They where difficult to obtain. The pigments where rare and so the objects painted in purple and red where expensive. Purple is still a strong and powerful color. For people with a vivid personality.

You either love purple chairs or you hate them, but either way it gives you a strong emotion. Purple chairs can be found in many different sizes and sorts. You've got the great, almost throne like purple chairs, but the swivel desk chairs for the office as well.

A purple chair will lift you up and give you an energy boost. With purple as a strong color it will give you the feeling that you can do the job. Have fun and take a look around on this funky purple chair page.

The funky purple chair on the right by the way is the Moe's Home Collection Mena Dining Chair, Purple, Set of 2

Moe's Home Mena Purple Dining Chair - Simple but stylish purple chairs for the livingroom

If your looking for something special and not to expensive, the purple dining chairs of Moe's Home Collection is a great alternative. It is a set of 2 Mena Dining Chairs perfect for around the table. IT will definitely spice up your living room.

The unique purple chairs are crafty made. Moe's Home is a family business based in the state Washington and Vancouver. To me it's always a plus point if the manufacturer is a small company instead of a world wide cooperation.

Moe's Home Collection Mena Dining Chair, Purple, Set of 2
Moe's Home Collection Mena Dining Chair, Purple, Set of 2

Unique chairs that will lighten up your living room.


Funky purple lounge chairs - Funky furniture with a purple twist.

Changing your room is like changing cleaning up your head. You probably know the feeling. You've been on holiday for a week or so and you come back and suddenly you see your house in a different perspective. You broke the routine. If you see your house day in day out with the same furniture on the same place, you forget to really look at them.

It's healthy to change your living space now and then. Color helps a lot to fresh up your life. The easiest way is to paint some things in your household. But you can't paint everything. Another option is to buy some funky furniture.

I love purple (turquoise too.) Purple has a great effect. It's a funky and powerful color. If you have one purple chair in the room it definitely will become a favorite. A place to be.

Deep purple velvet sofa, comfortable and important to me, it's eco friendly. Now 5% off.

This beautiful Victorian inspired purple lounge chair is handmade in America. The purple sofa is a great piece of furniture and well made.Now 5% off.

And if your not really a DIY as I am, the sofa is easy to assemble - prox. 30 min.

Skyline Furniture Tufted Fainting Sofa, Velvet Aubergine
Skyline Furniture Tufted Fainting Sofa, Velvet Aubergine

This beautiful Victorian inspired purple lounge chair is handmade in America. The purple sofa is a great piece of furniture and well made with solid wooden legs.Now 5% off.

funky and cool purple
funky and cool purple

The color purple, its meaning and expression

What does the color purple stand for in our culture

Through the ages, the color purple had many different meanings. From the anti apartheid movement in South Africa who was called The Purple Rain Protest to the political movement in Italy against the reign of Silvio Burlosconi.

The color purple is still a favorite color in the feminist movement. In The Color Purple, the famous book by Alica Walker there is a phrase that says : "Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender."

The color purple has had different meanings throughout history. The Nazi's for instance used the purple triangle to badge Jehovah's Witnesses. Like the Jews had the well known yellow david star.

Although purple is seen in many countries as a royal color, here in Spain the color purple stands for the Republic. And worn on many demonstrations.

To me purple is a funky color and I associate it with freedom and 70's funky music. But it's classy and stylish at the same time. What gives the funky and cool color purple great possibilities for home decoration and furniture....

Funky purple swivel chairs - Great ergonomic purple chairs for office or study.

If you want something different and you're looking for a great computer chair that stands out. Go for classy purple. Purple is a color that gives your room more power in design and personal taste. Get rid of the black and white design. check out some colorful designer purple swivel chairs.

Flash Furniture Purple Fabric Ergonomic Swivel Task Chair
Flash Furniture Purple Fabric Ergonomic Swivel Task Chair

great student desk chair with a funky purple color. Ergonomically design and great for home study and computer work


Purple - The Royal Colour

Purple - The Royal Colour
Purple - The Royal Colour

Super duper purple bean bag - Nothing can stop you now.

Been bag, dangerous, dangerous. When you sit in them, you'll stay put. It's difficult to get up. So be ready get your cup of tea, your favorite book and relax in that comfy purple been bag. Wiggle around a a bit and.. oh bugger, you forgot to hang the "do not disturb" sign on the door. Well the better not...!!!

Yes, that's more or less the effect bean bags have on me. I love them, but I know, I should not use them when I'm in a hurry. Bean bags are for quality time. For the end of the working day when you have a bit time for yourself. A real treat.

Purple Rain

purple heart for U.S. soldiers
purple heart for U.S. soldiers

The many meanings of the color purple

The purple heart and the purple pope.

Purple is a color with many meanings. It is for instance associated with piety and spirituality. With honor and respect. Kings and queens love the colour and more and more politicians can be seen with a purple tie, Purple Paisley Scarf or jacket (mostly women). Apparently there is something powerful in the color purple.

Purple is used as a color in paintings for a log time. It was of the first colors used in prehistoric art. 20.000 years ago they already knew how to make the color purple from Manganese (Mn) powder. Manganese blue is also a wonderful color (one of my favorite blues)

Another shade of purple is Tyrian, a color that became very popular by kings, nobles and priests around the Mediterranean. Tyrian (after the name of the city Tyre in Lebanon) was made of snails, yak, they were left to soak and the juice extracted. The liquid was put into the sunlight and like an alchemist process it slowly changed color. from white, to yellow-green, to green and finally violet,

No wonder they also called it imperial purple.

The medal on the right is the purple heart, it is given to the U.S Soldiers who are wounded or killed in action.

Claude Monet - A famous Purple Painting Water Lelies

Claude Monet - A famous Purple Painting Water Lelies
Claude Monet - A famous Purple Painting Water Lelies

Thanks for visiting the purple chair page - All opinions are respected

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