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furnish funky college pads cheap

Updated on August 30, 2008

Budget furnishings for college pads

First thing you want to do is completely erase the home furnishings you grew up with from your mind. Think about what is comfortable and has utility in a limited space. When the author looks around his main part of the house it's definitely not expensive but it is smart and tastefully furnished. the cat shows class. The living room opens into an atrium of plants flowing everywhere so there is no need for indoor plants.Window ledges outside have plants that obviate the need for drapes.A cat makes a home.

Drapes have their place, mind you and if you must, make them of colorful cloth you can buy at wal-mart for about 3.00 a yard. They don't have to be all one color! Sometimes they can be had cheaply on sale for a dollar a yard

Posters are colorful and may make a statement. I look around and there is a Bob Marley poster $6.00 with some wall bookcases loaded with books. There are books piled into the corner, books on every space, open and closed books that are part of my work. A medieval poster of angels hangs to one side of an opening into the kitchen.(pulled out of the trash). There is a Che! flag $10.00 in the hallway. There is also a buffalo print of around 1875 well framed(from a yard sale).In the back hall some awards and degrees and a collage of friends made about 20 years ago. There are some play bills of plays attended over the years.

Going back to the living room, there is a bright red chair from Ikea about ten years old (cost then $59) with a swivel brass lamp picked up at a yard sale for a buck.A throw on the chair is a representation of objects of the revolutionary war, including a flag. . Thrift Store $3.00. A free cat cost about $100. for neutering and shots. One wall is all computer and peripherals. The computer sits on a huge oak desk, $25. from another student. I have hauled this desk over half the world. It's always crammed with papers, junk, cell phones, and pens and pencils. There is gooseneck lamp with heavy base purchased at Fry's computers for $15.00. There is a big clock over the desk, on sale for $3.00. There are a collection of brass and wood gages I collect but still cost less than $100.

The couch is simple. A day bed all wood. Original cost was $30. at a yard sale. There are several pillows of odd but bright colors. One pillow is a cats face. My computer chair is black leather high-back with rollers. The floor is light and dark wood parquet with a couple rugs that cost $10 apiece.

One wall is an oak entertainment center picked up from a newspaper ad for $25. There is memorabilia on top. Old pictures, a model of my 66 panel truck. an African drum($18.) at a specialty store. Cat weights hold the books up. 4 for $28. The last wall is half windows, plants grow up to cover them. There is a loose group of South American Hangings, bought 25 years ago for about $100. There is a picture of am African warrior, picked up at a curbside, tall and well framed in bronze colors. There is a brass ships compass, sculpture of the sun, huge.These items are optional.

Cruise the thrift stores. Look for things you would like to see in your new home. Brass teapots are cheap and make a good cup of tea for long nights of study. By keeping counters clean, the eye lingers on an old butcher block purchased at a yard sale for $29. All the kitchenware, knives included was purchased at a yard sale. $5.00 Dishes and bowls are from E-Bay $30. These are antique, so you can get better deals for regular plates and bowls. Buy drinking and wine glasses from thrift store.Less than $10. a set.

A large piece of foam, thick will make a great bed. Buy wood and brackets to surround the foam and you have a frame. Total cost is $45.Buying a used mattress isn't my idea of sleeping fun. If you can't afford one that supports your frame, then go with the foam. Get a free cat.

Use cement blocks and wood to make a book case. 1 foot wide by four feet is a good size. Don't buy anything that says shelf. It will cost a fortune.A couple of these book cases shouldn't cost more than about $20. Dressers may be purchased on the Internet or at thrift stores for under $50. Look in the ads in your home newspaper for bargains.

If you don't have all the money, budget a little every month to cover another purchase. You could probably furnish the place for under $300. Good luck and keep your eyes open for bargains. Bulletin Boards at your college have bargains in furniture, cars, bicycles, and free cats(already fixed with shots).

Stay away from junk. If you can't afford something you want now, wait until you can afford it. There are incredible bargains from kids leaving school and don't want to carry their stuff to their new destination. Yard Sales may be great, good or terrible. There are bargains and junk that looks like a bargain. Learn how to bargain. don't be afraid to offer less. I start at the bottom, offering under a dollar for items worth much more. The home owner may make a low counter offer. You just got a tremendous bargin by not being afraid the owner would get angry. If they do get angry, I come back with, " you said, make me an offer."That usually calms them down.Most owners don;t want to carry stuff to their new home or have to store it again in limited space, such as a garage.


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