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Great funky lime green chairs

Updated on March 5, 2015

Unique lime green chairs for springtime

With fresh funky lime green chairs you can start enjoy summer with energy and joy. It is summer, and the freshness of the leaves are starting to show. A new chair or table in your dining or kitchen makes such a difference. Lime green is fresh and youthful. Lime green furniture such as chairs are great to lighten up the room. The funky lime green color of the chairs gives you a good feeling, full of energy.

The funky lime green chair on the picture above is called a Saucer Black and Lime Green Upholstered Chair

Lime Green together with orange and purple do make a great combination. Try it yourself. If you're in for something new and fresh, give the funky color combination lime green, orange and purple a go.

Lime green swivel chairs - great funky swivel chairs lime green

Funky lime green swivel chairs for work at home or in the office. Clever design and stylish. A lime colored desk chair gives your office a more lively touch. Green, color of nature ad a relaxing atmosphere to your home or work space.

Did you know that the color green is used by many companies! This because the color green is both energetic and gives a feel of security.

Swan Swivel Chair in Lime Green

Green chairs for a vivid living room - funky green chairs to spice up your dining room

lime green chairs
lime green chairs

Lime Green Furniture

Green, color of spring.

The emotional power of the color is not to be underestimated. Green is a vibrant and uplifting color. But not in an agrasive way. Green is the color to feel save. It's not an accident that traffic lights use the colors red orange and green. Red warn you, the color of blood, nasty stuff.... Green the color of grass and leaves. The color of life. Safe

Many emotions connected with colors are deep down imprinted in our human souls. Colors evoke emotional reactions. Painters know this, they play with colors and designs. Interior designers know this too, they use color with a purpose and why not. Green furniture is brings life into the house.

Umbra OH Polypropylene Chair - Lime green comfy chairs

The design of the Umbra OH Chair has won an award and is easy stackable. The lime green chair is made from strong polypropylene, power coated steel legs with nylon feet. The funky chair is easy to use, good for your posture and available in many colors. The lime green chair is a great in home or office. The design is made by Karin Rashid and is part of the permanent MOMA (Museum of Modern Art New York) collection. Do I need to say more. The lime green chair is a peace of art!!!!

Umbra OH Polypropylene Chair, Go Green
Umbra OH Polypropylene Chair, Go Green

Umbra – the worldwide leader in casual, contemporary and affordable design for the home.


BoomChair Vortex - Lime Green - Boom Chair Video Gaming Chair

Powerful 4" subwoofer

Pair of 3" 2 way speakers

Adjustable Bass/Tremble/Volume

Covered in a rugged canvas with Breathable mesh comfort zones

All BoomChairs connect easily to any game console, iPod, MP3 Player, TV or VCR.

The chair folds for easy storage.

The Boomchair Lime green gaming chair is the ultimate multimedia chair. BoomChair® is the world's inventor of gaming chairs, so you know it's gone be good. They are super cool and give you the ultimate gaming experience.

The lime green chair is designed by gamers for gamers and incorporates the latest technology!!!

Fatboy Headdemock Hammock - lime grean and leaf shaped chair

An other option for your garden is the romantic and comfortable lime green leaf Headdemock. Pick a favorite summer book and enjoy a lazy holiday. Feel the freedom and relax with this great outdoors Headdemock.

4ft Jaxx Lounger Jr. Bean Bag Chair - great lime green bean bag

kids love them, and do we all. The good old bean bags. funky and playful furniture. relaxed waching the tele. or reading your favorite book. The Bean bag is an evergreen design. And lime green is the color of spring, lively and secure. It is an uplifting color that gives your home more comfort and energy. A lime green bean bag is great for a kid's room

Worry is like a rocking chair--it gives you something to do but it doesn't get you anywhere.

Tell me, what's the color of your chair ?

Lime green, an energetic color

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