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Funky, Wild, Punk and Kitsch Lamps & Lighting

Updated on August 24, 2013

Lighting Up Your Life (the Fun, Creative Way)

A few years ago I was looking for a new lamp to replace the boring brown and tan lamp my parents had lent me. I looked in a few stores, both in-person and online, but was very disappointed with the selections. It's not enough for me to have a lamp that is all one color, or has a so-so pattern on it. What I like are fun, interesting patterns & designs and bright, vibrant colors. So I ended up doing was finding a website that would allow me to design my own lampshade for the lamp the I would end up buying.

If you're like me and are disappointed by the some of the selections for lamps and lighting for your home, you've come to the right webpage. Below, I have featured and listed several fun and/or unusual lamps and light fixtures to use in whatever room you choose. (I'd like to buy several of these myself for my future home.) Some are expensive, and some not so expensive. There's even a section that lists a few websites where you can design your own lamp online the same way I did.

So if any of that interests you, continue scrolling! :)

I happened upon the Jimmie Martin website by complete accident. I was doing a Google image search for something related to it, and an image of some chairs by Jimmie Martin on a separate blog popped up. I loved the look of those chairs, and so I decided to find and check out the website. And that is how I found these lamps that you see here.

Each of these lamps is worth over $5000, so I won't be buying them anytime soon, and you might not be either. But perhaps if one is really creative, they can go get a mannequin this size and paint it as they like, then somehow wire it and attach a lightbulb and lampshade. It would definitely be quite the art project, but it would probably still be a lot cheaper than having a lamp like this made for you and buying it from Jimmie Martin or any other website. You can use the following lamps as inspiration instead. ;)

The lamp to the right is the "77" mannequin lamp. It's pink and orange and features some graffiti and text, in addition to a star on one of the shoulders.

On the left is the "Old Bond St" mannequin lamp, which features a pop-art style drawing of a woman, along with a pink/animal print pattern on it.

The last mannequin lamp on the bottom right corner is simply titled the "Union" lamp, clearly because it is a mannequin painted as the Union Jack flag. This might be my favorite Jimmie Martin lamp that I've seen yet.

All the lamps seen here (in addition to several more) can be viewed on Jimmie Martin's Floor Lamps webpage.


This is my personal lampshade, which I designed online myself. My current bedroom theme is mainly red and black. And I like gothic font, so I designed a red and black lampshade with certain phrases in a black gothic font. There's not another lampshade like it (that I know of). I designed it through's Design Your Own Lighting feature. It used to be that you could add your own image to the lampshade (which is what I did with the lamp seen here), but it appears they no longer allow that. But you can still design your own lampshade. You just pick the lamp base and lampshade you want, and then pick the pattern, color, and trim that you want for the lampshade. Click the link above to try it out.

Here are some other websites that will let you design a lamp/lampshade online:

Lava Lamps on Amazon - These, wild, retro lamps have been around for a while. Learn about the lava lamp, then shop for your faves below...

The lava lamp, also known as the Astro lamp, was created in 1963 by a British accountant named Edward Craven-Walker. The blobs you see inside these lamp are actually wax, but look like lava, hence the name. While this is an aesthetically pleasing lamp, there is a bit of science involved in making it. Read more here about the lava lamp. Then check out the lamps below...


Neon Lights/Signs on Amazon - Light up your place Neon style...

Would you believe me if I said that neon lighting was first demonstrated in 1910 at a motor show in Paris, France? It's true. And just like the lava lamp, while it's pretty to look at, there's plenty of science involved. But, at least neon lights will last longer than your average light bulb. So, read more about the Neon sign here, then you can ogle the neon lights/signs below...


Sphere/Globe Lamps on Amazon

I can't explain why I find these interesting aside from their shape and color... and maybe the fact that it looks like a lightning storm inside some of them. I only know that I would like to own one of these at some point.

Check out the sphere/globe lamps below and see what you think of them...


Photo Slide Lamps/Lampshades

A photo slide lamp shade is a creative way to recycle and display old (and new) photo slides. This lamp shade is made up of photo slides linked together while still allowing whatever light to shine through them.

There is a step-by-step explanation for a DIY Photo Slide Lamp Shade on the website.

Or, if you want to just buy one pre-made, check out the Photo Slide Lamp Shades on Etsy.

Photo of photo slide lamp shade is courtesy of Etsy. (This exact lamp shade is no longer available, though.)

DIY Lamp & Lighting Tutorials on YouTube

The "DIY: Fairy Glow Jars" video describes how to make a glow jar using glow-in-the-dark paint, glue & glitter. The glow-in-the-dark paint allows you to simply set the jar in the sun to "charge" so it will glow in the dark nicely at night. The jar is reusable this way as well.

The "How to Make Glowing Water Video" from describes two way to get glowing water. The first is by breaking apart a highlighter and leaving it in water. The second is simply tonic water from any grocery store (the video also explain why & how this works). Both will glow in the dark under a blacklight of any sort. Use either liquid in a glass jar or bowl and set it in your kitchen at night for a cool lighting effect. (Plus, if it spills, it's likely easier to clean up in the kitchen compared to elsewhere in the home.)

The "Glowing ice bulb" video shows you how to make a large, round piece of ice into a bulb by using water, a balloon, a small LED light and batteries. Of course, since this bulb is made of ice, it won't last forever. (Apologies for the wretched quality of this video. If someone makes another video about this in better quality, I will use it to replace this one.)

Ever considered making a lampshade out of utensils? The "How To Make Your Own DIY Lamp Made From Plastic Spoons" video will teach you how to do just that. Buy your spoons all in one color, or go to a party store to find plastic spoons in other colors.

The "DIY Shabby Chic Lamp and Shabby Chic Lamp Shade!" video shows you how to paint the base of a lamp and create a ruffled flower look for a lampshade using glue and fabric. You can do it all one color like the girl in the video does, or consider using fabric of different colors and/or patterns to make your lampshade really pop. (Beware-- this IS a time-consuming project.)


Home Decor & Accessories (AND Interior Design) Website Links

Here are links to ALL of the websites I used on this lens (and thensome). So, if you're looking for something and didn't find it on this webpage, you can find it (or design it yourself) through one of the links below...

  • (all types of lighting available)
  • (also has all types of lighting available)
  • (features a lot of kitsch, indie and punk home décor & accessories, either vintage or handmade; use their search bar to find what you want specifically)
  • Wake Up Frankie (this link will take you straight to the "accessories" page where lighting is featured)
  • - "Apartment" Stuff (super-kitschy home décor & accessories)
  • (check out the "For the Home" tab at the top; features indie, kitsch and kawaii items-- lighting included)
  • - Housewares (features kitsch, retro & punk home décor & accessories)
  • (also features a lot of retro & kitsch home décor & accessories)
  • (features unusual but very functional home décor & accessories; check out the "Living", "Dining", "Workspace" and "Prints" tabs at the top)
  • - Home & Office (again, some unusual but very functional home décor & accessories)
  • (Seriously-- it's your best friend when looking for specific items or interior design ideas for your home. It's how I found several of the websites above. Tip: Type in a specific items you want, then click on the "Images" link on the side to browse those items and see what catches your eye)

So, what do you think of the lamp & light fixtures featured here? Anything I should add? Have a favorite? Leave your comments and thoughts below...


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