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Funny Duvet Covers

Updated on November 7, 2014
Thumbprintz Duvet Cover, Twin, You Silly Bird Chandler
Thumbprintz Duvet Cover, Twin, You Silly Bird Chandler | Source

Start your day with a good laugh

Need a funny duvet cover for your bedroom or guest room? One that will get a chuckle or two out of your guests? Well you have come to the right place. Below I added a couple of what I consider to be funny duvet covers. Enjoy and let me what you think in the comment section below!

Does your hubby hog up the bed? Do you need more space to stretch? Well here's your chance to make it clear to your hubby what side is yours and what side is his with this hilarious black and white duvet cover. The big white side of the duvet cover is yours and the tiny black side is his. Seems fair, right ladies? Hee...hee.

CafePress Dog Side / My Side Queen Duvet - Standard White
CafePress Dog Side / My Side Queen Duvet - Standard White

Yes, there is a dog side, my side duvet cover, This is great if you let your dog sleep on your bed.

You can also find a his side, toddler side, her side duvet set.


Call Me Duvet Cover

iPhone Duvet Cover
iPhone Duvet Cover | Source

Do you need that special someone to call you back but don't want to come off as needy? This duvet cover can help. The duvet cover features a picture of what appears to be an iPhone screen. And on one of the pillowcases you will find the words, "Call me back soon". Show your special someone your cool new bedding set and make sure to point out the pillowcase.

"I'm Not Weird. I'm A Limited Edition."

Misunderstood? Express to your family and friends how your not weird at all. You're a limited edition (a.k.a special). Besides, being weird is better than being boring. =D

Just Stop Talking Puh-lease Duvet Cover

This will make a funny gift for someone who loves to talk non-stop. That one person who never let's anyone get a word in edgewise. It can also be an indirect message to your spouse to "puh-lease" stop talking when it's time to cuddle or sleep.

You will finally be able to live your life long dream of astronaut. Just lay down, pull up the sheets and blast off! OK, maybe not.

Unfortunately, this bedding set only comes in a standard US twin size. I know, I know, I wish this bedding set came in a bigger size too. It would be funny to see an adult with this on their bed. It will definitely make for great laughs and pics.

Snurk Astronaut Duvet Cover, Twin
Snurk Astronaut Duvet Cover, Twin

The set includes the duvet cover and pillow case. Kids love it. Just read the reviews.

Snurk Princess Duvet Cover, Twin
Snurk Princess Duvet Cover, Twin

Every girl deserves to be a princess. This duvet cover features a beautiful ball gown. The pillow case a tiara.


Sexy and Pretty Duvet Cover

Sexy Pretty Duvet Cover
Sexy Pretty Duvet Cover | Source

It's Summer time and you know what that means, time to get out your bathing suit! On one side of the duvet cover it says SEXY and appears to be the males side. It features a baseball cap, swim shorts, sunglasses and flip-flops. On the pretty side, which would definitely be the woman's side, it features a large sun hat, bikini, flip-flops and shades.

What I think makes this duvet cover funny is the male side being the "sexy" one. I think the male is getting back at the female for taking up all the space on the his side her side duvet cover ... what do you think? This duvet cover would had been even funnier if the male side was PRETTY instead of sexy. Ha!

Chocolate Bar Duvet Cover

The duvet cover will either make you laugh or have you craving chocolate! This is a 4-piece bedding set that includes a fitted sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase and flat sheet. The duvet cover looks like a giant chocolate wrapper. You can find funny phrases like, "Now with extra sleep. No bed bugs & no snores", The sheets and pillowcases look like beautiful pieces of yummy chocolate. Ahhh...

But there are two drawbacks: 1. It only comes in a Twin size. 2. You can gain a lot of weight, if your not careful.

Which Duvet Cover Do You Like Best?

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