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Choosing furnace filters: Some basics

Updated on September 25, 2013
Furnace filter maintenance is important.
Furnace filter maintenance is important.

Selecting a furnace filter that fits your needs.

Finding the right furnace filters to use is important because this ensures the quality of the air you breathe inside your home or office. Fortunately, there are a lot of furnace air filters available in the market right now, giving you a lot of options to consider. Unfortunately, not all furnace filters are created equal so it’s not unusual to buy air filters thinking you have the right one only to find out the opposite after installation. The most common problem that incompatible furnace filters have is that they don’t fit. Improper-fitting air filters for furnaces don’t perform very well so that leaves you with improperly filtered air which can cause breathing problems for you and the people around you.

A conversation regarding how washable furnace filters could become biological breeding grounds.

Consider the following to help you choose the correct furnace filters for you:

  • Size. The first thing you have to take note of when choosing your furnace filter is that you have to find one that fits the furnace you have. Again, using one that doesn’t fit properly under utilizes the filter so you won’t get the kind of air filtration you desire. Your heating and cooling system should specify what kind of filters will work with it so you can refer to product manuals for assistance. If it doesn't say what kind of air filters you should have, someone at the store should be able to help you out. Unfortunately, a lot of people have to deal with just near-compatibility, settling for second best because they can’t find the best. If you’re one of these people and you’re tired of the tiresome search for the right furnace filters, why don’t you consider opting for custom air filters instead? That way you never have to deal with improper-fitting filters ever again since their customized fit ensures proper fit every time.
  • Materials. How capable your furnace filter is depend on the kind of materials they are made with. There are different materials to consider because different kinds of filters make use of different materials, offering different kinds of filtering to address whatever needs you might have. For example, companies offers air filters using different medias having different kinds of capabilities when it comes to filtering impurities, like the BioSponge is best for lint, dust, debris, pollen, mold, pet dander, mildew, and bacteria, while the MicroSponge is also effective against those while adding auto emissions and smoke to the list.
  • Cost. A lot of people end up not getting the furnace filters they really want because they need to be realistic with costs. As long as you have a heating and cooling system in place, you will always need filters so you have to go for filters that will saddle you with too many expenses. Otherwise, your filters will eat you out of what you have. Having a lot of options available makes it possible for you to choose not only the right filter for you but the best one you can afford as well so you can thoroughly address all of your needs. Going for the cheapest furnace air filters is common practice but do keep in mind also that there is such a thing as too cheap. More than just prioritizing maximum savings, it would be better if you found a compromise instead that gives you both quality and value for your money.

There are a lot of filters for your furnace out there and an easy way to weed out great options is to go over furnace filter reviews. You can easily find these reviews online so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get the information you need. Keep in mind that it is important that you find the right furnace filters for your home or office so do take all the time you need in choosing.


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