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Furniture World Styles from Classical to Contemporary by Judith Miller

Updated on July 13, 2011

Judith Miller's book Furniture World Styles from Classical to Contemporary is an absolute must for people who consider themselves design enthusiasts. It's and invaluable resource for design students and professional interior designers and if you collect antiques consider this your bible.

First of all - I kid you not - this book weight 3.1 kilos. That's about 10 lbs. and its absolutely packed with gorgeous full color illustrations - more than 3,000 to be precise. It covers the history of decorative features and motifs and their significance and includes profiles of important designers.

The book is arranged chronologically into chapters starting with classical design and ending with post modernism and contemporary design. Each chapter shows you how to recognize the key elements of style for that period and also examines the materials, fashions, techniques and designers that influenced furniture style and design.

Within each chapter you'll find that important pieces of furniture are examined in detail. From the humble stool to thrones, from commodes to bureaux and everything in between in every conceivable form. Miller gives you a rundown based on country of origin as well as her expert analysis of key pieces, many with price guidelines.

My favorite part (included in every chapter) is Elements of Style which give you a breakdown on key elements of what made that particular style what it is. You'll learn how to recognize Baroque from Roccoco and and decifer the differences between modern Swedish and German design (just to name a very few).

Miller also includes an extensive history of the times so that you understand from a historical viewpoint what was going on and how it influenced design.

Article by Anne Alexander Sieder all rights reserved. For hardcore interior design fans, check out my blog


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