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Game Room Ideas & Décor

Updated on January 19, 2016

If you have a house full of gamers and sports fans, chances are, you have related paraphernalia all over your house!

If you are not a gamer or sports fan yourself, it might just drive you insane to be picking up controllers, snack wrappers, and anything else you might find. Solution: Contain it all in one room!

Having a game room or a man cave might just be what your house needs, both for the sanity of the homemaker and for those who will utilize such room. If you don’t have the space inside the house, consider a basement, the garage, or even the attic if there’s enough overhead space. It might end up being a large project, but it will be so worth it in the long run!


Themes Ideas

If you need a few man cave or game room ideas, it’s probably wise to start with themes. What kind of themes would interest the users? What is the age group of the people who will use the room? One of the best ways to find out what everyone likes is to ask them directly.

If you are mom or wife then you likely already have a good idea on the interests of your men or gamers, whether it is what games they like or what sports teams they love.

Here are some theme ideas:

  • Sports teams: Say your husband is a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan, then you can easily theme his man cave as such!

  • Sports as a whole: Some people are just a fan of sports in particular, or a specific league such as the NBA or NFL; in this case, you can just go all out in decorating the room in sports!

  • Video game: Whether the gamer loves old school games such as Galaga and Mario, or current first-person shooters like Call of Duty, theme the room to the gamer’s favorites!

  • Computer games: If you have a computer gamer in the house, they may love playing World of Warcraft or Minecraft, both which are easy themes to decorate for.

  • Band: A good man cave theme would be anything that shows the band fanatic in the man of the room! Common room themes include Tool, Rolling Stones, ACDC, Metallica, The Doors, and The Grateful Dead. The possibilities are limitless!

  • Era: If you have a man of the 70’s, this makes for a fun, easy theme idea!

  • Comic Book: Bring the comics to life in this man cave!


Decor Ideas

Once you have a theme in mind, it’s time to figure out how you can decorate the chosen room according to the theme. Here’s some decorating ideas that can be used for any theme:

  • Paint: Perhaps one of the easiest ways to theme a room is to color the walls and ceiling with colors that really make the theme pop.

  • Posters: If you choose a theme that you can find posters to match, which is mostly any theme, then this is a cheap and easy way to cover that blank space on the walls.

  • Jerseys/team shirts: If you have any kind of sports theme, this is a must-have decoration for the walls, or to have suspended from the ceiling.

  • Wall decals: Another cheap decorating idea that covers a lot of wall space, many companies are willing to make any kind of decal that you desire!

  • Vinyls: If you are going for a band or music theme, hanging vinyl records on the wall is a must! You can mount them in frames or hang them on thumb tacks for easier access!

  • Framed prints: Whether it’s just pictures that go with the theme or comic books, framing anything to go with the theme not only takes up wall space, but adds a touch of class!

  • Pillows: You likely have furniture in that game room or man cave, so you’ll need some comfy pills, right? Making your own that go with the theme, or making themed slipcovers for accent pillows are both cheap alternatives to buying themed pillows at retail cost.

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Time to Decorate

If you’re itching for some good man cave and game room ideas, you just found them! Now that you have an idea on what to do, it’s time to get started!

If you're still not sure what you want to do, or need some inspiration, check out Pinterest for ideas and cool DIY projects to make your man cave awesome!


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