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How to decorate a game room

Updated on April 30, 2013

Decorating gives your room an identity!

You may have come to the point where you say : "yes!, my room is finished " No it isn't, at least if you didn't decorate it yet. Decorating does not only make your room look much better, but also makes your room special, more exciting and in every way better then just plain. There are many different game rooms and many themes. Here are some and some ideas!

Type game room
Las Vegas
My mascotte
My mascotte

The Computer/Videogame Room

This kind of room is for gamers who want to game to perfection. Actually you can do anything you like with it. Just choose your favorite character or game, perhaps Mario and get some posters of it, this will already make your room look better. Of course just hanging up some posters won't be enough, but having a character or game where you'd want to make your room about, is at least something you can concentrate on. Next you could choose to paint your walls like something in a specific game, like on the second picture. Another possibility is graffiti. Graffiti is really cool and looks great, especially when it’s about something you like. You could chose any theme for this room, though I recommend a game theme, because it's a videogame room.

Some things to complete the room.

  • Gaming chair
    Having a gaming chair is great to relax in during a game and may help you perform better

  • Nice mascotte
    This is your motivator, a fan who's always near. Yes, your mascotte! Your mascotte can be anything, perhaps a Mario doll for some or a hamburger man like I have

  • Fridge/Energy drink
    For those gamers who go on all night, a fridge with lots of energy drinks

  • A good assortment of games!
    How are you going to game without games!?

  • Sofa
    If you have room for it, then a sofa would be nice to lie on or for your friends when they come by


Graffiti gives your room that special touch
Graffiti gives your room that special touch
You could also choose for something a bit easier
You could also choose for something a bit easier
Or just choose to put up a lot of posters
Or just choose to put up a lot of posters

The Poker Room

Poker is a game which needs patience, friends, money and alcohol! Wait, I forgot a whole room committed to it. It’s great to just sit down with some friends and play poker. A nice room, with a bar and a poker table is all you need. What’s a nice room? A room that’s well decorated! Some nice paintings, like the pokering dogs, some comfortable chairs and a nice colour on the wall. Take the picture below to see an example of what your poker room could and should look like. For this room I would recommend a maffia theme. Perhaps not that visible on the picture below, but lights also are an important point for your room.

The way it should be
The way it should be
It's just awesome
It's just awesome

The Lounge/Pool Room

The lounge, the place where you can ultimately relax or just chill and talk with friends. I like to combine the lounge with a pool room. This way you can sit and chill with friends or play some pool with them and also talk. A lounge needs to give you a nice, relaxing feeling. That’s why I would recommend making it a more classic room.

Some ideas

  • A fireplace makes your room cozier at night
  • Big windows fill your room with more light and light gives your room a positive vibe
  • A nice soft floor makes your room an even a better lounge
  • Music always is good

A well decorated lounge
A well decorated lounge

The Home Bar

Not so much a game room, though there are many games to be played here. Like drinking games or just drinking. Though the essence of such room is that it's a place to gather with friends after a hard day of doing nothing. Ehm I mean work or something like that. But seriously though, a home bar is something you can add to any room mentioned above or just make a separate room for. It's the perfect place to just hang with friends, have a drink, relax and watch some sports, but quiet expensive.Though if you have the resources, something I'd love to recommend!

Some Ideas

  • A wooden bar in a wooden room has just that right vibe
  • A dark room works best, since you don't want to see daylight when drinking inside
  • A big tv to watch any kind of sport on
  • Bar stools of course
  • Good music depending on which style your bar will be
  • Some banners of your favourite sports team
  • Alcohol, lot's of it, but I guess that was quiet clear



Decorating your game room makes it perfect. Not only you but also others will notice that your game room has become special. What you want to achieve by decorating your game room is a special atmosphere. You want people to walk in and think, "wow, this game room is great" and to just feel what it's about.

What do you think ?

Is decorating a game room necessary ?

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    • profile image

      Game Room Accessories 

      7 years ago

      HAHA, I love the picture where the animals are playing poker. I would like to join them.

      Thanks for sharing your ideas on why it is important to decorate a room today.


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