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Garage Storage and Cabinets Can Help You to Reclaim Garage Space

Updated on August 1, 2013

Taking on Garage Organization with a Vengeance!

When it comes to getting "that room" connected to the house in order, garage storage and cabinets go hand in hand.  Sure, you can hang a bunch of stuff on the walls (and I do), but there are some things that you just don't want to look at every time you enter the garage.  Besides, I don't plan on entertaining in the garage too often, but I still would like it to look like something other than a museum of work implements.  There's a reason why we have cabinets in our kitchens.  It is so we don't see every single cup and plate, the same reasoning applies in the garage.  I don't want to see every can of oil, hand tool, or other doo dah that happens to be spending its life in the garage.  There are garage storage cabinets available in every price range, and you can go from stupid simple all the way up to entire garage wall "systems" if you spend an inordinate amount of time hanging out in the garage.  Whatever you choose, its better than having all of your garage "business" just hanging out all over the place!

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Garage Cabinets and Storage Ideas for Your Home - Simple garage storage solutions

Ulti-MATE Garage 3-Piece Storage Cabinet Kit

Instant Garage Organization

Are you looking for an entire "system" to put in your garage as a way to stay organized? That's really not a bad idea. Everything will look neat and tidy, the job will be done all at once, and you might even end up paying less than you would if you pieced things together. The Ulti-MATE Garage 3-Piece Storage Cabinet Kit provides instant garage organization.

The Ulti-MATE Garage 3-Piece Storage Cabinet Kit features a 9' of width of modular garage cabinets, offering a full array of oversized cabinets and work...

Gladiator GarageWorks Big Cabinet for Your Garage

Gladiator garage storage systems are worth checking out

If you are REALLY serious about getting a high quality garage cabinet, one of the big names is Gladiator Garageworks. This is one of their top rated cabinets. The Premier Tall GearBox features heavy duty welded construction. It comes with casters so that you can move it around if you ever get the urge to reorganize things in your work area. That might not sound like a big deal, but you wouldn't want to move a loaded cabinet this size by scooting it on the floor.

A Complete Wall Storage System for Your Garage

Garage organizer systems make it easy

If you are REALLY REALLY serious about your garage cabinets, this system is something that will keep you busy filling it up for quite a while. This unit needs to be put together, so you might want to call a friend and offer him dinner if he'll come over and help. The end result is a very nice looking set of garage cabinets though.

For the ultimate in style and function for the largest room in the house, we proudly introduce the UltiMATE GARAGE from UltiMATE Storage.

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Garage Storage and Cabinets

Is most of your garage stuff in cabinets, or scattered around?

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Gladiator Garage Storage Cabinets and Accessories

Gladiator Garageworks has some great ideas when it comes to garage storage solutions. I love the Gearwall panels that can be installed and then used to mount the various modular units that can then be slid around to wherever you want them to go. It's one of those ideas that you wish you had thought of first! Here is something you might like from their massive line of garage storage cabinets and other handy storage accessories.

Gladiator Premier Modular Gearbox

This is a solid, heavy duty cabinet that is built for work. It looks great and you can move it from place to place as needed when you're working on a home project.

Coleman Garage Organization Systems

More garage wall storage systems

Another popular name in garage storage and cabinets is Coleman. These are also some very handsome cabinets, but I've found that they are more expensive than some other quality options. Still, if you're looking, they are worth your consideration.

Garage Organization

Do you currently own any type of garage storage system?

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    • MopHolder profile image

      MopHolder 2 years ago

      Our garage is used at a dumping ground to store any items that you we don't really know what to do with, and as a result, the accumulation of stuff in our garage gets out of control.

    • profile image

      mistaben 5 years ago

      I like UltiMate Garage Storage System =)

    • profile image

      MarkWeston 5 years ago

      My wife is an organizing genius, I keep telling her should get a job organizing people's home's for them. He key phrase is "everything needs a home", so there is not even a pen in the house that does not have a place. Needless to say, we have some nice garage storage cabinets for keeping the garage in order!!!

    • CrazyToolDude profile image

      CrazyToolDude 5 years ago

      These are so dang cool! Great lens!

    • Seth Shafer profile image

      Seth 5 years ago from California

      Really like the look of the Gladiator ones.