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Factors in Garage Door Prices

Updated on December 20, 2012

Years ago it wasn't that difficult to determine the factors involved with garage door prices, as they were pretty uniform and similar in quality, look and materials. Times have changed, along with the doors, and now there are many factors involved with the pricing of garage doors.

There is no longer the ideal garage door for consumers and homeowners, neither, as I mentioned, are they similar in the way they used to be.

You can desire a roll up garage door, or need something much different depending on the size of the garage you own and the particular style and material you prefer.

So as you can see to buy garage doors and have a basic price isn't possible any longer, so you have to find out what the types garage doors for sale out there and then determine from there where to begin your research.

Types of Garage Doors

Another factor in garage door price is the material they're made out of. The majority of consumers choose steel garage doors, but that doesn't mean that's necessarily the best choice for you.

There are also other metal garage doors like aluminum garage doors, which can also include other factors like how hardy they are and their insulation rating. Some can be bought pre-insulated and so ready to put up.

Nice Garage Door

Brand Name Garage Doors

Other considerations for figuring out the price of a garage door are the styles or brand names. For example, here is a list of some of the numerous garage door companies out there.

There is Gadco, Cloplay, Delden, Genie, Amar, Wayne Dalton, Martin, Raynor, Cardale, Coachman, among many others. All of these serve specific markets and needs, and so the prices will reflect those differences. 

Custom Wood Garage Door

Personal garage door choices

Now for me, I really like the wood garage door, as there's a lot you can do with them. On the other hand, they're also more high maintenance, and so will needed to be taken care of more than other choices. They're also much heavier than other doors, so that's a part of the mix as well.

But a lighter aluminum garage door also can be damaged much easier than other doors, and also may need reinforcement depending on the part of the country you live in and the weather that's part of normal life.
Wood also offers up some real nice custom garage doors that are one of a kind, but also could cost you a lot more. That all depends on each person's individual budget and tastes. 

Custome Designer Garage Door

Best Garage Doors

So the answer to what is the best garage door really can't be answered, as the variables are so great and the prices as well, that it comes down to what you want and need, and what you're willing to pay for that.

The best garage door is always the door that satisfies you and your needs. So the price of the garage door will be decided on that.  

Single Car Garage Door

Glass Garage Doors

Some of you may be surprised by this, but there are also glass garage doors; believe it or not, and a number of people really like having them as their choice.

It's easy to see the problems and positives of having glass garage doors, but if you don't mind the price and the enjoy the look, they can be a nice and unique touch to your home. After all, it accounts for a large portion of how your exterior home looks.  

Glass Garage Door

Home Garage Door

One other factor in garage door prices is the company you choose to install it. Unless you're really good at this type of thing, it would be far better to just search for and find a good company to do the work.

Many things can go wrong when installing a home or residential garage door, and with even the cheapest ones costing significant dollars, you don't want to risk ruining it before you even can use it.  

Carriage Looking Garage Door

Customized or Designer Garage Doors

Obviously if you really want to express yourself and have a unique garage door, you're looking at a customized or designer garage door.

Any time you go the customized or designer route, you're going to have to pay for it. It's just the way it is. How much more? It depends on the company and the designer used in the work. But you can count on it being significantly higher than a pre-designed door. 

Wood Garage Door

Buying Garage Door

So as you can see, there are a host of factors included when searching out garage door prices, and the key is to sit down with those involved with the decision and go over the various pros and cons.

When it comes down to it, much of the price of a garage door is determined by the decision you make. So once the decision is made, the pricing lines itself up pretty closely and the complexity of it leaves.

The exception to that is with designer and customized garage doors which we already mentioned above. 

Tudor Garage Door

Other Things to consider when buying garage door

Other then personal taste, some other things to consider is when buying a garage door is the weather of the area you live in, and whether you want an insulated garage door or not; or how much insulation you want on it.

The types of winds that sweep through the area are also a part of the equation, and could determine the type of door you should buy.

Make the right garage door decision

Whatever decision you make when choosing your garage door, understand that pricing should only be one of the variables involved.

Garage doors take up a large portion of your exterior house (depending on the size of the garage), and whatever decision you make will be how your house is viewed and perceived by neighbors, and enjoyed by you.

So take your time in making a decision, and whatever the garage door price ends up being will be a blessing for years to come. 


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      m amin55 

      8 years ago

      Automatic garage doors offer convenience, ease of use and security. It is ideal for people who lead busy lives and who are always on the go. There are a lot of models to choose from and they come in different shapes, sizes, and finishes. With a wide array available in the market, today’s consumers would find it easy to find a model that would fit their needs and


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