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Garden Angel Statues

Updated on October 6, 2013

Find Beautiful Angel Statues for the Garden

Are you looking for garden angel statues? Find a beautiful selection of angel statues here, both large and small, that will look wonderful in any garden.

Angel statues for the garden make wonderful garden ornaments. They make a striking centerpiece, look beautiful nestled among some foliage or pots, or can mark a special spot in a memorial garden or watch over a much-loved pet that has passed over.

From cherubs to tall angel statues, fairytale angels to memorial statues, discover a wide range of garden angels, the meaning and symbolism of placing one in your garden, and get some inspiration as to how to make them part of a garden display, too.


Photo Credit: 16" Joseph's Studio Angel with Kitten Outdoor Garden Statue - Buy on Amazon

This work is the copyright of the author (2012). Please DO NOT copy this elsewhere either in print or online. Photos are copyright of the credited sources.

Why Choose Garden Angel Statues?

Garden Angel Statue - Image copyright of the author
Garden Angel Statue - Image copyright of the author

Photo Credit: Little Girl Garden Angel Statue - Image copyright of the author

I love the angel statues in my garden. Whether you are of spiritual mind or not, there is something comforting about an angel watching over your home and loved ones, and there are so many beautiful ones on the market that they make a truly stunning addition as well.

I am a bit of a fairy-holic and have numerous fairy ornaments and statues dotted around the garden, but I also have some angels too, such as this pretty little thoughtful angel above, who presides over the small dancing fairies and makes sure they don't get swept away by wind or overzealous squirrels!

Traditional Garden Angel Statues

Traditional or classic angels, with their tall figures, flowing robes and large, feathered wings, make for a striking garden ornament. Use as a beautiful centerpiece, nestle one in the bushes, or place it to the side, regally surveying a patio with potted plants or herbs, or a secret area of the garden!

Traditional Garden Angel Statue

This beautiful alabastrite angel is an exquisite sculpture to stirs the soul with its grace and beauty. It makes a divine addition to covered outdoor areas, measuring 11 1/4" x 8 1/4" x 19" high.

Praying Angel with Rose Halo Religious Outdoor Garden Lawn Statue

Sculptural Gardens Guardian Angel

Angel of Patience Sculpture

24" Praying Angel Garden Figurine

Garden Angel Statue with Solar Light

Angel Cherub Sculpture Sitting on Ball Solar Light
Angel Cherub Sculpture Sitting on Ball Solar Light

I love garden lights but believe it is important to be conscious of the environment too, which is why I prefer solar lights.

This beautiful angel stands guard beside a holy cross. It is a mock stone effect statue which brings angelic beauty to the garden both day and night, with added ethereal light in the evenings, thanks to its hidden solar light that sets the cross gently aglow.


Cherub Garden Angel Statues

Cherished Cherub Statue

What is more precious than a little baby or cherub angel, especially when paired with a tiny bird or curled up inside something, fast asleep! Cherub angel statues make wonderful additions to the garden, and you can enjoy them in numerous places because they work well as both larger pieces and as small stone ornaments dotted around your backyard.

Joseph Studio 14" Cherub Angel with Kitten Garden Figure

Echo Valley 4152 Lunalite Sleeping Cherub

Mourning Mortality Sitting Cherub Sculpture

17" Joseph's Cherub Garden Statue w/ Solar Lantern

Garden Angel Statue with Bird Bath

Joseph Studio 62852 Tall Angel Sitting By Solar Bird Bath Statue, 11-Inch
Joseph Studio 62852 Tall Angel Sitting By Solar Bird Bath Statue, 11-Inch

This 11" solar powered bird bath with sweet little girl cherub angel statue is just exquisite!

I love all the Joseph designs but this is by far my favourite. I love the detail in her hair and the little bird sitting by the water bowl.

A true nature angel who will sit and watch over the wild birds who visit your garden!


Pretty Fairytale Garden Angel Statues

Buy  Garden Angel Statue
Buy Garden Angel Statue

16" Joseph's Studio Angel with Kitten Outdoor Garden Statue

As you can probably guess, being a great lover of fairies in the garden (and everywhere else, for that matter!), I just love the fairytale style of angel statue. The Joseph designs are my absolute favourite, and this one above is just gorgeous - probably my next favourite after the bird bath mentioned previously!

These kinds of angel statues lend themselves beautifully to cottage gardens, rambling wildflower gardens, herb gardens and secret, hidden corners.

Graceful Angel Solar Light Garden Statue Sculpture

"Home is Where Our Story Begins" Angel Garden Statue

Napco Large Winged Sleeping Baby Statue, 20-Inch Long

19th Century Italian Replica of Grace Wall Garden Angel Statue

Solar Angel with Dove

Moonrays 91338 Solar Powered Angel with Glowing Dove Statue LED Light
Moonrays 91338 Solar Powered Angel with Glowing Dove Statue LED Light

This exquisite angel is protecting a little boy and girl, along with their animal friends, under her magnificent wings.

A mix of stone and resin, and richly hand painted by skilled artisans, this statue can be displayed inside or out. This is a beautiful ornament for a family garden, to represent the guardian angel of your children or grandchildren, and your pets, too. This would look beautiful in a flowery corner, under a tree or bower, by a water feature, or nestled among pots of flowers or herbs on a patio.


Memorial Angel Statues

Sleeping Garden Angel Statue - Image copyright of author
Sleeping Garden Angel Statue - Image copyright of author

Photo Credit: Sleeping Angel Garden Statue - Image copyright of the author

Angels make perfect memorial statues for the garden. Often we wish to mark the spot of a much-loved buried pet, create a memory garden for a loved one, or plant a tree in memory of someone who has passed over.

While memorial stones or crosses can look very nice, for me they can be too reminiscent of a cemetery. An angel statue, particularly one praying or bowed over, makes an extra special addition to a special spot for that special someone. You can also find exquisite angel memorial plaques with special wording, and some angel memorial statues come with words on the base, too.

I have a corner of my garden dedicated to a friend who took his life just over a decade ago. I have plants with special symbolic meaning planted there, and this sleeping angel pictured above is nestled among them, reminding me of his spiritual presence.

Classic Memorial Garden Angel Statue

With wings bowed and hands clasped before her, this lovely angel kneels humbly for a moment of prayer. An enchanting statue to bestow an aura of comfort and calm wherever you choose to place it, and ideal for commemorating the memory of a lost loved one or pet. It has a weathered-stone finish to emulate the timeless look of a European cathedral adornment.

9" Joseph's Studio Memorial Angel Outdoor Garden Stone

Joseph's Kneeling Angel with Rose Flower Garden Statue

16" Kneeling and Praying Angel Outdoor Patio Garden Statue

15" 18th Century Replica Winged Memorial Angel Sculpture Statue Figurine

Garden Angel Statue for Memorials

Napco Kneeling Angel Garden Statue, 11-3/4-Inch Tall
Napco Kneeling Angel Garden Statue, 11-3/4-Inch Tall

This kneeling, praying angel is the perfect example of an angel statue that is ideal for a quiet spot in the garden, to stand in memory of a lost loved one or pet.

Nestled among an ornamental bush or some beautiful flowers, this angel will watch over your loved ones, both living and deceased, and bring a beautiful sense of peace to your memorial garden area.


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      Most certainly and these are exceptionally beautiful!

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      You got meet all teary with your sleeping angel tribute to your friend, what a treasure. An angel can only bless....

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      You certainly came upon some great garden statues: and with a broad range of prices as well. I loved the angel and birdbath you highlighted, it is one of my favorites as well. I have been thinking about adding a birdbath to my garden, water is so important to the birds in the summer. Pinned to my board "How does your Garden Grow" - sent out by google plus - and Squidoo Angel Blessed.

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      These are really beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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      Beautiful addition to the garden!

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