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Top Garden Centre's

Updated on February 9, 2012

I decided to write this article since I always found it exciting visiting the garden centre as a child, there was always something interesting to see there and perhaps it was the feeling of being surrounded by greenery and the outdoors that was just nice.

Some garden centre's have reptiles and exotic fish which you can purchase to keep as pets along with all of the feeding and habits they need, even if you don't want to buy one it can be fun to view them. I actually purchased my Leopard Gecko from a gardening centre near my home, you can see the variety of Geckos here.

Crossford Garden Centre U.K

Without digressing too much I want to begin my list of interesting Garden centres from around the U.K, because many garden centres are outdoors they often include extravagant features and unusual garden ornaments to attract people to come and visit them.

Crossford Garden centre is situated in Lanarkshire and includes a miniature train track and station and they even hold a Santa's train ride every year which ends with at a novelty Santa's grotto.

Photo courtesy of Elliot Simpson

Rectory garden centre, Garswood. U.K

Rectory garden centre is particularly unusual since it includes a mock Tudor village created with scrap metals, the owner added these ornaments over 30 years and even masked his house to become part of the scenery surrounding the store.

Photo courtesy of Paul Brooker

Polhill Garden Centre, Kent. U.K

Pohill Garden centre in Kent is renowned for its large mock windmill situated upon entry, although it has grown into an entire shopping village which includes Aquatic life such as Koy Carp for your garden pond and also fresh fruit and vegetables grown locally.

Photo Courtesy of Ian Capper

Larch Cottage Garden Centre, Cumbria, U.K

Large Cottage is a plant nursery which began around 20 years ago, you can walk around the location which is filled with Romanesque sculptures and even a pond which mimmicks that of Monet's garden.

Surrounding the pond which includes Koy Carp is very suited Japenese garden which also includes some more modern sculptures. After you have finished taking in the natural beauty you can relax in the terraced restaurant and a variety freshly produced food.

Photo Courtesy of Mauldy

East End Garden Centre, London, U.K

This one Gardening centre that are thought was particularly interesting and perhaps even bohemian! As you would imagine with a major city, there is a large lack of greenery in the capital of England and the owners of this centre decided to set up in a small area between apartment blocks and next to railway platform where the photo was taken from.

Photo Courtesy of Glyn Baker

Hayes Garden World, Cumbria, U.K

Finally I wanted to mention Hayes Garden World since it has a beautiful surrounding landscape, as you would expect from the Northern area of the United Kingdom.

Turning our attention indoors, this centre has just opened a huge showroom and they include events such as wild Orchid displays, a young gardeners club which gets children interesting in plant life and also they hold antiques roadshows which can entertain you once the weather turns bad!

Photo Courtesy of Graham Horn


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