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Garden Hose Holder

Updated on September 26, 2014

How To Find The Best Garden Hose Holder

Looking for a great garden hose holder? Here I will talk about some popular ones and which are best for your gardening.

Having a garden is no small feat and one of its major components is invariably a garden hose. You must have it for all your garden and lawn watering needs since every living being needs water to survive. Your lawn needs attention pretty much all year around. Not only that but you can give it as present to somebody close to you, along with other garden tools as gifts.

It doesn't matter whether you are a homeowners with his or her own garden, a professional landscaper or construction worker or contractor. You might even have a tiny little garden in front of your condo. A garden hose holder will improve your life tenfold.

Keep Your Garden Tidy With Your Garden Hose Reel

Many people put away their garden hoses after summer, but depending on where you live, you might need it 12 months a year. And this is where the garden hose holder, also called a garden hose reel really shines.

Have you ever come across the horrible kinks that a long hose keeps getting over and over again? How long does it take you every time in trying to straighten these kinks out out when you need to use your hose? I bet it takes you a lot!

With a good quality garden hose reel dealing with tangles and knots is a thing of the past!

Your hose holder will store your gaden hose so it is kept neatly without cluttering up your garden. Whenever you need to take out your hose, you simply pull out and then wind it up again once the job is done. Easy peasy!

If you don't have a hose reel for your garden, just look around the hose. Does it look tidy enough? I bet it doesn't. The hose is all over the place, you can't simply store it somewhere because it untangles all the time and it simply doesn't sit tight. Tripping over the hose is a real nuisance in many gardens.

Getting your garden hose reel is one of the best investments that you can do for yourself. You'll not only

* get rid of the mess

* have a fun and easy time using your hose and putting it away when you've finished the watering job

but also you can store it in a safe and unobtrusive place that doesn't look weird.

Tips On How To Care For Your Garden Hose

buying a garden hose holder
buying a garden hose holder

Which Garden Hose Holder Should I Buy?

There are so many different types that the choice could be a real chore. What if you get the wrong one?

Has it ever happened to you that you were already at your second, third or fourth hose reel because you had to keep replacing your old one due to bad quality? I bet it has!

The problem with replacing these hose holders is that they're not that cheap!

You can't keep buying a new reel every 1-2 years, since it really becomes expensive in the long run!

Before you actually spend one more dime on a garden hose holder, you should first be clear as to what is the purpose for it in your garden and the length of your garden hose. Let me explain.

You can find models that are mounted on the wall, others are freestanding and others are portable. Also you can find different sizes of hose holders depending on how long your entire hose is. Some hose reels can greatly limit how much hose material it can hold, so if you have a really big garden which needs a long hose, then you should think big!

For example if you currently have a 50ft hose, you might be tempted in buying a hose holder that can actually hold and carry 50ft only. But what if you eventually want to get yourself a new hose that is 100ft long? Will you buy a new garden hose holder as well? Yes, you will, if you haven't thought in advance and only bought a small reel. But if you were clever, you now have a long new hose and you can put it right into its fitting hose holder.

And finally another criteria that you should be looking at is quality and durability. If you can, get a hose holder which includes stainless steel and aluminum parts and fittings made of brass.

Note: If you only listen to one thing I'm telling you, let it be this: try to buy a garden hose holder with as little plastic material in it as possible. Plastic is easily breakable and it doesn't last long. There are plastic ones looking really modern and great, but avoid the temptation. Else you'll be finding yourself buying a new one more durable very soon!

Do Your Have Troubles Keeping Your Garden Hose In Place?

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Garden Hose Holder Recommendations

Based on my own research, I found the following garden hose reels to be the best in their category. Some might be more expensive than others, but these ones listed below are all good, tested and have also very good reviews from happy buyers.

Rapid Reel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel
Rapid Reel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

Rapid Reel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel Model #1041-GH

This model will not earn you any prize for beauty, however it is a sturdy model that stands the test of time. Its components are made of aluminum and bras, which means that it will not need replacement every 2-3 years. These materials can easily withstand any weather conditions, so you will have a long lasting relationship with your reel.

Most people who are getting away from plastic reels invariably land at this piece and they're really happy with it. Pulling out the hose and rolling it back is a breeze even for the elderly.

Just some of the comments buyers left are worth mentioning:

* Superior product from a Great Company

* If NASA built garden hoses, this would be it!

* The Real Deal

* Even better than I anticipated

* Totally Impressed

* Still a fantastic hose reel!

Liberty Garden Hose Reel
Liberty Garden Hose Reel

Liberty Garden Garden Hose Reel With 125-Foot Capacity

Now if there WERE a beauty contest for garden hose holders, this one would take the first prize! Seriously. It's a beautiful ornamental design with an antique finish that makes it almost Victorian style. It is not only functional but also highly attractive.

This hose reel is perfect for any garden that is trying to get ahead of the neighbor's lawn in looks and great d├ęcor.

Made of cast aluminum using brass plumbing fixtures which makes it not only darn good looking but also a long garden companion for you.

It frees up your garden space, makes it less cluttered and makes it much more appealing as well. You don't have to HIDE this hose holder in your shed so that your neighbors won't see it. On the contrary: this hose reel will make every home owner proud.

Assembling The Rapid Reel Two Wheel Hose Holder - It's that easy!

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Do You Have Any Garden Hose Holder For Your Garden?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Paid $55.00 for a plastic hose cart.. and, really, it's incredibly hard work. You can't wheel it anywhere easily as the thing flexes in every direction. Poor quality connections means leaks everywhere. When you rewind, it takes two people.. a huge waste of money, time and space! We DID buy a painted/enamelled 4-wheel cart from Lowes (poss around $100.00) but inside of 9 months and the paint/enamel is peeling so it is covered with rust and flaking paint. Still works but very disappointed! Definitely going with the Rapid Reel Two Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart!

    • Anthony Altorenna profile image

      Anthony Altorenna 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      I need one of these garden hose holders! My cheap plastic model cracked, and is more trouble than it is worth. Your recommendation to buy quality is heard loud & clear.


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