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Garden Lighting Ideas & Pictures

Updated on May 31, 2014

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Garden lighting is a great way to jazz up your exterior space.

In the first image below you can see how beautiful the oil lanterns look around the perimeter of the pond. Not only do they define the boundary but also cast sumptuous shadows around the garden.

I've put a good mix of up lighting, down lighting, garden party lighting ideas etc to give you inspiration for your project - and hopefully - no matter what your budget you'll find something you like! Check out this page for loads more garden lighting ideas.

Garden Lighting - Tip 1

It's really important when designing your garden that you lay adequate cable so you can change the position of the garden lights in the future.

Over time gardens change - trees get bigger, bushes die, flowers come and go - so give yourself the option of adapting your lighting design by ensuring you've enough cable.

Remember garden lighting dublin can give further advice as to what kind of cabling and systems you may need.

Garden Lighting - Tip 2


Use a portable lamp and try back lighting trees and shrubs. This will give you a good idea how different plants can look when lit up before you make any expensive purchases!

Also, always try to conceal the light source behind a shrub or a tree, as in the above picture.

Garden Lighting - Tip 3

With deck lighting make sure you know where people will be seated so they don't destroy the lights. Also make sure the lights aren't too bright or that there's any unnecessary glare.


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