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Creating a Garden of Pink and White Flowers

Updated on July 31, 2019
Gloriousconfusion profile image

Diana was a Member of the Royal Horticultural Society. She & her family all love gardening. She enjoys photographing & painting plants too.

Choosing a Color Scheme for the Garden

Choosing a color scheme doesn't just happen out of the blue - it takes a lot of thought and planning; and sometimes waiting a long time for plants to bloom, before finding that the show isn't quite what you thought it was going to be.

Pink Pentstemon


When I first designed my own garden, there was a lot of orange, and, even this year, later on in Summer there will be some orange montbretia in flower, but I decided that pink was the way to go, because I already had some pink roses growing in the garden, one of them a dog rose which has been there for over fifty years. There are also a lot of pink Japanese anemones, which flower in summer and autumn and are somewhat invasive, but very beautiful, so I let them take hold.

I Do Love a Color Co-Ordinated Garden - Don't You?

All the photographs on this page are pictures of my own garden in London. That way you can see that I am practising what I preach.



A Few Years Ago I Decided to Change My Front Garden to English Cottage Garden Style

I removed all the grass, put in some paving stones in the shape of a cross, and planted lots of things in the spaces

I encountered a certain amount of opposition from professional gardeners more knowledgeable than me, but I was determined to try it anyway. Sometimes being obstinate and headstrong brings out good results, because I had a steady and fixed idea of what I wanted. That works in all walks of life, actually.

I like to have blocks of color, and it is almost a point of honor with me to have a garden with something flowering somewhere every month of the year, even December and January. So I have a few shrubs which have colorful berries in winter, such as pernettya with white berries, cotoneaster with red berries, and mahonia, a bush that has yellow flowers followed by black berries, as well as hellebores which show their buds in January and open into greeny-white flowers. Even my rose bushes had a few flowers until the end of December, and my fuschias actually flowered throughout winter until frost in spring which is unusual, but the winter was a bit strange too.

Lychnis and Phlox


Pink Phlox and Lychnis (Also Known as Abbotswood Rose or Rose Campion)

These are both perennials which flower in late Spring and Summer

Phlox is a very easy to grow perennial, and you can propagate it by dividing the roots in early Spring. It always gives a good show, and continues flowering much longer if you dead-head the flowers as they fade.

The lychnis plant bears dazzlingly bright dark pink flowers with silvery-grey foliage and will grow in full sun or partial shade in poor soil. Height: 18-24 ins.

You need to dead-head lychnis regularly to prolong flowering, but if you want to grow more plants, allow some of the seed heads to develop and ripen, and then collect the seeds .

Walk Along the Path a Little Further, and You See Cornus, Spirea and Heuchera

Cornus (green and white leaves on left), Spirea (pink and white flowered shrub) and Heuchera at the bottom, centre)
Cornus (green and white leaves on left), Spirea (pink and white flowered shrub) and Heuchera at the bottom, centre) | Source

Cornus, Spirea and Heuchera

On the left of the picture above is a Cornus. The pale green leaves are edged with white and are slightly tinged with pink. It grows vigorously and, as it is deciduous, it sheds its leaves in winter. I have to cut it back very vigorously to stop it spreading upwards and outwards.

Next to that is a Spirea. It is also quite vigorous and I do cut it back a bit in Spring, but can't bear to cut it back too hard, because in June and July it has the daintiest flowers imaginable, bearing pink and white heads of flowers on the same bush. The flowers soon fade to brown and at that stage I do cut the bush back, because it spreads over the pathway and is a nuisance when the branches get stuck in the windows when they are closed.

Right at the bottom is Heuchera, with small pink flowers on stems, flowering from spring through summer.

This is the Pink and White Color Scheme Outside my Front Window - It's Quite Effective, Isn't it? I'm Quite Proud of it

hollyhock,cornus, spirea and hydrangea
hollyhock,cornus, spirea and hydrangea | Source

Cornus, Spirea, Hollyhock and Hydrangea

In front of the cornus and spirea is an exquisite pale pink Hollyhock, also known as Alcea. It took ages for hollyhocks to establish themselves in my garden, but now, as they are perennial, they grow up every year and seed themselves. Sadly they are subject to rust, and the lower leaves get eaten by slugs and snails, so I have to keep an eye on them, and spray when necessary.

To the right, almost out of view, is a hydrangea, which has white flowers tinged with pink.

Would You Like to Have a Large Pink and White Area in Your Garden? - Take the Poll Below and See What Everyone Else Thinks

sweet william (dianthus)
sweet william (dianthus) | Source

Do You Like the Idea of Sticking to a Color Scheme in Your Garden?

See results

Here Are Some Pink Planting Ideas for Your Garden - All These Plants Are Shown Growing in My Front or Back Garden

Fuschia | Source
Phormium with pink anemone Japonica in the background
Phormium with pink anemone Japonica in the background | Source
Pink Astilbe
Pink Astilbe | Source
Pink and green Succulent
Pink and green Succulent | Source
Pink Pentstemmon
Pink Pentstemmon | Source
Pink Ice Plant (Sedum)
Pink Ice Plant (Sedum) | Source
Pink Canterbury Bells (Foxglove or Digitalis)
Pink Canterbury Bells (Foxglove or Digitalis) | Source
Pink miniature Azalea with ferns
Pink miniature Azalea with ferns | Source
Pink Hellebores
Pink Hellebores | Source
Heuchera | Source
Pink Rose
Pink Rose | Source
Pink Sweetpeas
Pink Sweetpeas | Source
Gazanias with a pink tinge
Gazanias with a pink tinge | Source
Bergenia on the left and Solomon's Seal on the right
Bergenia on the left and Solomon's Seal on the right | Source
Pink Rosebud
Pink Rosebud | Source

Links to Useful Gardening Sites - You'll gain a lot of information and learn a lot

Pick up tips about how to improve your horticultural knowledge and your gardening skills will improve enormously. This will soon show in your re-vamped garden.

These are two of my gardening webpages:

And here are three other very helpful websites:

Relaxing Music and Pink Flowers on YouTube

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Do Leave a Comment or Question Here - Let's Chat About Gardening, Plants and Anything Else You Like - I Love to Hear From People

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    • Chantelle Porter profile image

      Chantelle Porter 

      5 years ago from Ann Arbor

      Love your garden. My colors are pink and light purple.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Your garden is quite lovely. I would love a pink and white garden. My colors, at the moment, are the varieties of yellow, orange, red and brown in my sunflower garden. Then, I have yellows and oranges in my daisy garden. In the side yards and front yards, I have pale purple with mexican petunias and peter pan agapanthus!


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