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Garden Storage Ideas, Pictures and How To Make a Garden Storage Box

Updated on August 31, 2013

Declutter Your Garden With a Useful and Practical Storage Box

Your best outdoor or garden storage box may not be mine. Just as our backyards are different so are our storage needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to storage. Our needs differ for a variety of reasons. Among them climate, locationboth the location of our home and where we wish to place the box. Additionally what do we need or want to keep in the cabinet or box.

Gardeners may want to keep gloves, small tools, fertilizers, plant nutrients and other necessary chemicals close to hand. If there are children around, that will require a box with a lock. Other folks may wish to keep bug spray handy.

Image courtesy of Amazon: Featured here: Lifetime Extra Large Deck Box

If your storage cabinet is going to sit on a wooden deck or porch the size and type will be determined by the deck style and available space.

An industrial-looking heavy duty plastic cabinet may look fine on a concrete slab at the side or rear of your home but be completely inconsistent with a beautiful cedar deck.

Garden Storage Boxes! Top Rated Outdoor Storage

There are two basic configurations of outdoor storage cabinets. Vertical and horizontal. Each type is available in a variety of sizes. Each has advantages and disadvantages. One of your first consideration when contemplating purchasing a deck or outside box is the available space. If you have only two feet to use, a three foot long or wide box will not work for you.

Full size rakes, shovels, hoes and other gardening tools may not fit in a horizontal box. On the other hand you can't use a vertical box for seating-unless you're a cat.

Garden Storage Box With Seat - Dual Purpose Storage Boxes

Horizontal storage boxes with bench seats are a great addition to your deck, patio or porch. The right box with the right cushion can provide comfortable seating for you and your guests. Pay particular attention to dimensions when selecting one of these. Ideally you want to select a box that is 18 or 19 inches high. That is the common and most comfortable seat height for most people.

You may also wish to buy a lockable box if you intend to keep sharp tools or outdoor chemicals in it. Children are very curious.

Vertical Storage Boxes - Upright Storage Containers

Vertical boxes should always be placed against and secured to a wall for safety reasons. The one thing worse than righting a tipped storage box and trying to unjumble the contents is calling an ambulance because a curious child was injured while trying to climb it.

Rubbermaid Outdoor Vertical Storage Shed, Plastic, 17 cu. ft., 2 ft. x 2 ft., Olive/Sandstone (FG374901OLVSS)
Rubbermaid Outdoor Vertical Storage Shed, Plastic, 17 cu. ft., 2 ft. x 2 ft., Olive/Sandstone (FG374901OLVSS)

This reminds me of the one we had in our backyard when I lived at my parents home. As a child I remember trying to hide in it, but there was never enough room. It was always full of tools - I wonder why?

Suncast C7200G Tall Utility Storage Cabinet
Suncast C7200G Tall Utility Storage Cabinet

We never have enough storage in the garden, that's why a vertical storage unit is a good idea because it doesn't take up too much room and it can de-clutter the backyard.


Wooden Garden Storage Boxes

If you have a lovely wood deck you'll want to consider a wood storage box. These are available in a variety of styles and sizes. The better ones are made from western red cedar, redwood or teak. All of these woods are naturally insect and rot resistant. From time to time you may wish to freshen up the finish on them. Some of these boxes are so attractive and well made you can use them inside. The cedar boxes might be good for blanket storage in a vacation cabin.

Garden Storage Box Features

Storage Box Benefits

Garden storage boxes that double as a garden bench are a great idea if space is limited and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.There are many garden items that have to be stored safe and securely. If you have small children, you know how difficult it can be to keep tools etc out of harms way. Gardens look so much neater with everything stored away.

Storing patio furniture cushions is always a headache, but with a storage box nearby makes light work of having to put the cushions away each night. Kids toys can also be stored safely as can all your garden equipment.

These boxes have so many uses and benefits:

Easy to assemble, some that just snap together

Won't rust, chip, crack or peel and keep all items dry.

Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Many with lockable doors, making items safe and secure.

Outdoor Storage Box Poll

What garden storage box do you prefer?

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Storage Containers and Boxes

How to choose

Storage boxes with seats are different in shape and size to vertical boxes, both of which can be used indoors or outdoors. Each style serves a purpose and has their own benefits. How do you choose which is right for you?

Consider the following:

Do you need to store long handle tools?

How much interior capacity do you need?

Do you need the storage box to double as a seat?

Do you want lockable doors?

What style would suit your garden best?

How easy is it to assamble?

Don't be surprised if, after you have one, you find yourself wondering how you ever managed without a storage box to keep the garden tidy. This is one of those things you don't realize how much you'll use it until you have it!

Make Your Own Organic Storage Box

While one or more of the garden boxes featured on this page may serve you well perhaps you’re handy with tools and have different ideas on what will makes the most sense for your particular situation. This video may give you a couple ideas on how to best build an outdoor storage box that will meet you needs.

With so many garden storage box choices, there's no longer an excuse to be untidy or to run out of garden seating. There's the perfect choice, design, and color for any garden!
Do you have garden storage boxes?

Happy Storing!

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      I have one just like your intro photo for pool cleaner and pool floaty noodles :o) works great!

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      Great ideas here! The plastic would be wonderful, mostly because it wouldn't require as much maintenance ;)

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      These garden storage boxes come in really handy for patio cushions. Thanks for showing so many options.

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