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Beautiful Garden Water Fountains For Your Garden Decor

Updated on June 14, 2016

Garden Water Fountains Add Beauty

I found a beautiful garden water fountain for my garden decor. I love the sound it makes as the water trickles down. It is very relaxing to sit near it and watch the water as it sprays upward and flows down into the basin. I have always loved garden water fountains. So, I decided that it was time to put one in my garden this year. I took my time looking for accessories for my yard so the fountain had to be just the right one.

I have a lovely southern yard with all sorts of tropical plants which include flowers, palms, and citrus trees. The backyard of my home is slowly becoming a place where we can relax and enjoy nature. We have bird feeder and have humming bird are on our fly zone of migrating birds. So each spring and fall we have the opportunity to sit and enjoy the flowers and nature.

The birds who visit my yard enjoy the flowers and plants as well as a bird bath and water fountain. If we sit quietly the bird will sit on the water fountain and drink and bathe in the cool water. It is a treat to see some of the birds who have flown hundreds of mile and rest in our yard. My husband enjoys birds and we are both amazed at the variety of species we see each year. During the winter the cardinals stay in our area and last year at Christmas time covered our entire yard with their red color making it very festive.

Jeco Inc. Pots Water Fountain with Led Light
Jeco Inc. Pots Water Fountain with Led Light

A lighted pots water fountain trickle water down and back up again. Perfect for those hot summer evenings.


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Decorating your space

Where you choose a large or small fountain for your space, the sound of bubbling water creates a soothing sound. I enjoy lounging on my chaise and closing my eyes and daydreaming. Large fountains have always been a tradition for entry ways and yards. The variety available is never ending.

Concrete molded fountains with tiered pools are perfect for the front courtyard or side entrances. While more modern fountains like barrels, vessels and other found object are perfect for homemade fountains. Making a fountain is easy and the supplies are fairly inexpensive. Check out some of the ready-made fountain if you're not eager to do work outside in the hot weather.

A huge selection can be found at home supply stores as well as gardening centers. I personally like fountain wall for my yard. The tranquility make my yard a peaceful space for the entire family to relax and entertain. The sound of a fountain can drowned out street noises, noise from neighbors or any unwanted sounds. The large the fountain the more you will hear the sounds of flowing water.

Fountain Decorations

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Before you choose a fountain

Before choosing a fountain you first need to consider the space you have available for it. I like to think in terms of where it will be enjoyed the most. Maybe the backyard where you sit, or the front yard as a statement for the entrance.

If you are looking for a large fountain you may want to choose a traditional 2-tiered model. The water will trickle from the top and recycle. I personally prefer a water wall where the water is sent to a pond and acts like a waterfall.

You may want to start with a tabletop version. This way you will be able to learn how much water evaporates during the day. I will give you a more realistic idea of how a fountain works before you make a large investment.

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    • Maggie42 profile image


      4 years ago

      Thanks for this I'm after a water feature this was helpful

    • profile image

      Donna Cook 

      4 years ago

      Beautiful fountains! Unfortunately here in Colorado, water features are frowned upon as we are in high desert.


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