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Garden Fencing – Alternatives to the Usual White Picket Fence

Updated on December 13, 2013
white picket fence
white picket fence
stone and iron fence
stone and iron fence
keep kids and pets safe behind a rustic wooden fence
keep kids and pets safe behind a rustic wooden fence

If you’re thinking about what kind of garden fencing to put up around your house, you may have already thought of the usual white picket fence. This is the most common type of garden fence. You might want to be more unique by installing something other than a picket fence.

There are some alternatives you may not have thought of yet. These other types of garden fencing aren’t really out of the ordinary. They are conventional enough to match with almost any type of home. These fences below do make great alternatives to the typical white picket fence.

Stone Wall – This is a low cost type garden fencing. It is strong, and if you live in an area with lots of rocks, you won’t have to spend too much on materials. The rocks just fall into place without steel or wooden supports.

Rustic Wooden Fence – This garden fencing is a great alternative to the white picket fence. They are made of wood and can be constructed from second hand materials. It’s supposed to be rustic, so you don’t have to be particular about cutting them into equal sizes or shapes. You can also get them cheap from old wooden homes or railroad tracks.

Brick Fence – You can use old bricks from dilapidated buildings. The older the bricks, the better they look. You may need to use mortar to construct this type of fence and hire someone to build it.

Wrought Iron Fence – These are classic and timeless garden fences. They also look good when the finish starts to fade. It won’t make you feel fenced in yet provides ample security. This type of garden fencing looks great with crawling plants growing around the iron bars.

The best types of garden fences can keep intruders out, and keep pets and children in. The perfect kind of garden fencing for you would depend on your needs. Consider your personal situation and living conditions before deciding on the garden fencing best suited for your home and family.


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