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Gardening Indoors Has Never Been Easier Thanks To This Book!

Updated on May 29, 2014

After moving to the Wisconsin Tundra from the salad bowl of Monterey Bay California my mother and I were thrown for a loop when we were met with insane produce prices, and not so great quality product. We had discussed starting a garden outdoors, which we will be starting soon. However we were still looking for vegetables and herbs for the long cold winter.

I had brought up the idea of creating an indoor veggie garden and we started to look into the possibility of doing so. Being absolute beginners we had no real idea where to start and we started looking for resources that could help us when we stumbled upon "Indoor Gardening for Beginners: Start an Indoor Veggie Garden And Grow Your Vegetables And Herbs At Home" The book was jam packed with information that helped us to decide that growing our veggies and herbs inside all year round was an actually possibility!

Mike T. Anderson provides his readers with all the information that you would ever need to know for indoor gardening. Even if you are looking to garden in a small apartment, like I was! Page after page answered my questions and taught me things I did not even know that I needed to know. The beautiful pictures will draw you in and you wont be able to put it down. "Indoor Gardening for Beginners" gave me the inspiration to actually follow my desire for an indoor garden, and thanks to his tips and tricks I am watching my beautiful garden grow!

I recommend that anyone who is looking to become more self sustainable, or someone who is just looking to garden all year round, to pick up Mike T. Anderson's book and give it a read! It was such a big help and it changed the way I approach gardening indoors.

There are a multitude of houseplants that are known to purify the air! Even the little things you do like cooking can have an effect on your air quality. Poor indoor air quality can lead to a multitude of issues from disease, to infection. Think about bringing these plants into your home, and enjoy the benefits of their natural air purifying ability!


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    • profile image

      GrammieOlivia 3 years ago

      Nice lens review.......moving it over to the weekend gardener page too! Come join in the fun if you like!

    • profile image

      katiesnow 3 years ago

      what a good idea...i have an aerogarden and grow herbs in my kitchen but I never thought further than that until now!

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 3 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I'd love to see pictures of your garden!

    • paulahite profile image

      Paula Hite 3 years ago from Virginia

      Love it!