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gardening tip 101

Updated on April 1, 2011

Gardening tips


No matter what climate zone you live in,basic gardening rules apply to all regions. The main criteria in having a healthy and thriving garden is to follow some basic simple steps. These steps will save you money,time,plant diseases in your garden and no doubt,frustration.

One thing many people don't know is that planting too much of the same type of plant, for instance, roses, will only attract aphids,japanese beetles and many more pests harmful to roses in particular. A simple fix to avoid this from happening is to separate the roses by alternating them with the planting of annuals or a nice flowering shrub. This technique makes it hard for disease and pests to go from different types of plants.

Another tip is to rotate the location of where you plant a particular type of plant every year. The reason for this is to prevent disease spores that favor the plant to disperse or die when the plant does return to the exact spot. A good rule of thumb is to rotate up to three years.

Remember to keep your plants weeded.

Last but not least, always water early in the morning and water the soil not the leaves and stems if possible. Fungal disease can develop when leaves and stems are constantly watered.

Happy Gardening!


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