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Organize Your Home like a Pro

Updated on June 23, 2016


Most of us have a closet somewhere that we hope, no-one will EVER open! If they do, they might be buried under an avalanche of whatever-could-fit-in-there (or even be sucked into Narnia). Whichever way, nobody should poke their nose into THAT closet. Well, some people seem to have it all figured out so the best the rest of us can do is copy their genius organizing abilities. So go ahead - go drool over that potential extra closet space you'll be able to create by tiding up a bit (you know, extra space for all the other stuff you don't have space for :P).

Organize your tights, scarves or belts

By the Power of Greyskull why didn't I think of this?!! Tie your scarfs or leg-wear onto hangers. This will keep it neat and easy to access. No more digging in drawers.

Organize plush toys

Attach a Velcro-strip to the wall to store soft toys on. Now what I like about this is that it could turn into a game with the kids - the one who attaches the most toys to the velcro in the shortest time wins.

Organize wrapping paper

I like this. I like it A LOT! There used to be a time I dreaded the wrapping paper avalanche when opening the craft closet. I used to throw them as far back in the closet as possible and shutting the door as fast as I can..dooming me to repeat this same exercise next time. So - please note the SHEER GENIUS in the simplicity of those two little strings that hold everything up - and seemingly, the universe together..

Kitchen Cupboard Divider

Create dividers using tension curtain rods, to store trays and serving platters. What?!

Stop storing your pot lids like a crazy person!

Store the lids of your pots and pans like a normal organised person does. This totally makes sense.

Organize a Pantry

Magnetic Strips

This is how you keep small things from floating around the house - you use a gigantic magnet to solve all your problems.

Label cords

Tag that spiderweb nest of electrical cords with bread tags. Because that just totally makes sense.

Organize tupperware

Yes. The Bermuda Triangle of closets in our home..where a complete container goes in and after a while only the lid or container surface with the other half never to be seen again. Maybe it goes to the same party island all missing socks run away to..Well. No more. CD racks are the answer.

How to store Bed Linen

Store bed linen sets inside one of their own pillowcases and there will be no more hunting through stacked piles for a match.

Keep Xmas lights untangled

Wrap Xmas lights around a clothes hanger, and they will never maybe EVER again..sort of.

How to store plastic bags like a pro

Re-use a wet-wipes container to store plastic bags.

Thread "Spools"

Wrap embroidery yarn around a clothespin to keep it from getting tangled.


Use garden planters as a "catch-all" for anything, really. I can see this working just as well in craft rooms, garages, for gardening, in the bathroom for face towels, small kittens, cotton candy..well maybe not kittens and cotton candy but it looks like it could work for a bunch of stuff.

Perfect Chefs Tool

This concept is amazing and you can make the design your own of course.

Ribbon Organizer

This is such a great idea, my eyes are watering!

Handbag hooks


Place hooks on a closet bar and hang purses from them.

Tape organizer

I want one in every color please.

All-of-a-kind drawer

If you have several different types of one thing, put them all in the same drawer to create an "All-of-a-kind" drawer. My "All-of-a-kind" drawer looks slightly different..ok completely the opposite of this. Absolutely amazing!

Pot lid holder

Use a magazine rack to store pot lids. Another way to store pot lids..if the other way isn't brilliant enough for you.

All-purpose doorknobs

Fasten beautiful doorknobs to the inside of a closet door for extra hanging space e.g. handbags, scarfs etc. So purdy..

Fabric Organizer

Organize fabric with a magazine rack.

Ladder drying rack

Paint a wooden ladder in a pretty color and hang from the roof in your laundry room to double as a laundry drying rack or maybe to hang the already-ironed-clothes while you iron. This will surely go down in history books as genius invention of the 21st century - you know - right next to the things Michael Angelo and Nicola Tesla invented :P

Multipurpose knife holder

Attach metal hooks to a magnetic knife holder and hang whatever from it. Seriously. Why haven't I thought of this already?

Paper roll holder

A very neat way (pun intended), to keep all sorts of rolls e.g. wrapping paper, foil, plastic wrap..

Fabric organizer 2

Pick up an old cassette tray from a thrift store to use as fabric scrap storage.

Marathon Gift-wrapping?

Slide spools onto a paper towel stand’s post. Stack them from largest to smallest, bottom to top. Tape the ribbon ends to their spools to keep them neat.

Spice Rack Container


Use clear-top spice jars to keep any loose bits around the house under control.

Yarn holder

Use little mason jars to store balls of yarn. This could also work very nicely as a yarn bowl that will keep the yarn from running away while you knit or crotchet.

Wine Rack Organizer


Use stackable wine racks and plastic cups to store office or craft supplies in.

Mini-shelf for pans & baking dishes

Take a bakeware organizer, turn it on it's side and secure it to the cupboard with cable clips. Now you don't have to remove every single pan or baking dish to get the one at the bottom.

Egg Carton Ornament Storage


If egg cartons can work for eggs, it can certainly work for your small Christmas ornaments too.

Foil & Plastic Wrap Storage


This will work great on the inside of a pantry door. If you don't have a pantry, any other space will also do.

Keep Your Sewing Pins together


You'll never loose your sewing pins again if it's attached to your sewing machine.

If you have genius organizing tips up your sleeve - Spill 'em!

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    • profile image

      tcaldy 3 years ago

      Really liked your lens. Found some great ideas here. I've tried to figure out what to do with some of my loose fat quarters. Now I'll be after a cassette drawer next time I visit the thrift store. And many other nice ideas too!

    • Webmerchant profile image

      Webmerchant 2 years ago

      Thanks tcaldy! I marvel, everyday, at the creativity of people.

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