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Getting in Shape With a Reel or Should it be Real Lawn Mower

Updated on May 3, 2011

What I Was Looking For


Mistake Number One

OK now that I truly feel like the punch to a bad blonde joke (you guys are gonna love this one) I am going to admit my total lack of real, not to be confused with reel lawn mower knowledge, (alright on this one you can honestly just call me ditzy)

As I was watching one of my favorite shows Shark Tank the other night on Hulu I saw this eco friendly, quiet, almost maintenance free, no pull start, not bulky and heavy, lawn mower this gentleman had. I guess you could say he gave it a brand name and tried to almost convince the investors it was something new. Well several of them recognized it as something many of us used, (and some still do) for ages, which gave me a great idea.

Living on 2 &1/2 acres would normally be a lot to mow but having my eco friendly horse mowers it is really quite easy other than the feed bill. I have the tractor to use, but it rarely is necessary being the places to be mowed are not accessible by the tractor. Then there is the gas mower which to me is a pain in the rear. Between the pull start, noise, maintenance, pulling it to the front (app. 2 football fields long) or taking it in the tractor to mow around the gate, it’s just a pain. So I thought I would look into one of these, what I called push mowers. There in lies mistake number one.

Reel Not to be Confused With Real Lawn Mowers

Google and It's Infinite Wisdom

So after the show I jumped on line and Googled push mowers. Hey it made sense to me you have to push the darn thing. They even said on the show how it burns 400 to 500 calories I figured I could get some sun, play with the dogs, get in better shape (I said better, not great) be outside, and get the lawn mowed all at the same time. OK so Google pops up all of these gas push mowers and I keep looking through Home Depot and Amazon (my favorites), Sears, etc and they keep showing me the same push gas mowers. Now I’m getting a little aggravated.

So I change my search and put in real lawn mowers thinking that might pull up some of the first mowers made which would head me in the right direction. (Don’t go there) So Google being the impatient search engine that it is, pops up and says did you mean “reel” lawn mowers. Alright now I’m getting at this point there is no other way to say it but down right pissy. So of course being the impatient individual I am instead of looking down further to where the picture of the lawn mowers that I wanted were, I say to my computer “If I would have meant reel I would have typed reel thinking in my mind that was a name brand of one of the gas powered mowers. Yeah I know that’s what I get for thinking. So back to Firefox I go so I don’t have to type in all this stuff (yeah you got it right and I’m looking for a PUSH lawn mower), only to continue my search until I said I need a break before I throw my laptop out the door, (I would never do that just so you know).

How I Felt

The Lesson Learned

So to make a long story short and I know it’s way the heck to late now. If your looking for a lawn mower (that you push), quiet, no gas, eco friendly (I didn’t know mowers are 10 times worse than cars as far as emissions), helps you get in better shape, almost maintenance free, inexpensive, then you would be looking for a reel lawn mower. That’s right Google in all it’s infinite wisdom was trying to say you dingbat ditzy blonde, it’s reel (as in spool) lawn mower not real.

That my dear friends was the lesson of the day for me and although it took quite a bit of time to learn this valuable bit of information, I assure you it is one that will not soon be forgotten.
Have an incredible day, somebody deserves it.

And remember sometimes it’s the little things in life that can make a BIG difference.

Go Ahead I know It's Coming Ditzy, A Few Blonde Jokes, I'm Ready

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    • Charlu profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi Marellen My horses keep it almost all down except for the places they're not allowed to go. Which is why I think this reel lawn mower would be great. Uh oh there I go thinking again. Thanks for reading and your comment. Talk to you soon

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      No jokes from me but how funny and I know your frustration trying to Google something for hours. I saw the same show and remember my Dad having a Reel lawnmower. Good luck if you're really going to mow your acres with that. I'm already tried for you.


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