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Gift Guide for the New Gardener in Your Life

Updated on March 16, 2016

Time to prepare for summer

Maybe you are not a gardener yourself, but have someone in your life who is. Avid and experienced gardeners know exactly what they want down to the brand of tool they want to the specific nursery where the seeds they buy come from. If you have one of those, this might not be helpful. If you have one who just got his or her first little patch of land and is determined to eat home grown carrots, strawberries and salad this year, this is for you.

You might even want to get involved yourself.

I hope you enjoy.

Who are you shopping for today?

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Who is he/she?

If you're like me, shopping for someone else is difficult. It requires getting out of my own way and into his/her mind. I have to leave my self centered self behind and become other centered. I have to get into his/her head, step into his/her shoes.

When you found this article, congratulations, you already got past the first step. You know your friend or relative has some sort of interest in gardening, probably vegetable gardening. What else can you say? Is it someone who likes to plan things out or dig right in with both hands? Is it someone who will be doing it for therapy or is it someone with the grocery bill in mind? Perhaps it is someone who is especially health conscious.

What kind of gardener is he/she?

Gardening can take a number of forms. It can be as simple as a few herbs on the windowsill. It can be as complicated as heated grow houses.

Here, the focus is on the beginning gardener who is limited to a small vegetable garden.

Learning and Planning - Where do we start?

Winter is the perfect time to plan for the next gardening season. Your new gardener will be getting everything ready. If you're already looking at nice sunny frost free spring days, it is not too late to get started, but being prepared is always good.

  1. Learning - Yes, that means books and reading. We're going to look at a few other sources as well.
  2. What to grow - Will he or she actually eat it or can you give it away. Will it even grow in your area?
  3. Tools - A tool collection is something that grows over a lifetime. Start with a few essentials and build from there.
  4. Harvesting and storing - Raw vegetables directly from the garden are the most nutritious, but that may be a little too fundamental for some. Some preparation will be required.

    Learning to store and preserve some of the bounty will let you enjoy your efforts all year long.

Learning Resources - On the Web

Unless you're here shopping for yourself, you may not want to learn everything there is to gardening. However, the more you know, the better you can pick the right gifts for your friend. That's real love.

Youtube is a great way to learn. There are lots of videos to choose from. Gardeners are very passionate about what they do and share their knowledge willingly.

What to grow

The first consideration, I'd say, is what do you actually like to eat? Second, what will grow in your area? Will it grow on your particular piece of land?

What to plant in your vegetable garden

Most books have at least one chapter about the various vegetable varieties and this one is no different. It was hard to find one just about that, so this one serves the dual purpose of educating the beginner gardener and helping select the crops to grow.


This is where the fun begins. It is also where many beginners go overboard. Watch the following video. There really are just a handful of essential tools you need.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Good selection of gifts. I am going to try growing strawberries in my garden this year.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      Great tips

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Very nice gift selections. Thanks!


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